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News video games 16 November 2022, 16:26

author: Kamil Kleszyk

GTA 5 Leaks Large Chunk of Source Code

It looks like GTA 5 also feel victim to the September hacking attack on Rockstar Games, as the source code for the 2013 game has surfaced online.

Surely you all remember the September earthquake caused by the hacking of Rockstar Games' servers. Thanks to one of the biggest leaks in the history of the gaming industry, detailed footage of the upcoming GTA 6. It turns out that then the hackers also got their hands on information related to the previous game.

As reported by DSOGaming, the source code of Grand Theft Auto V, containing of, among other things, scripting functions, has surfaced on the web. The files allegedly also contain cut content from GTA Online, developer notes and fragments of the anti-cheat system.

It's worth noting, by the way, that most ordinary users are unlikely to be able to do much with the said files. Otherwise, Rockstar or Take-Two may intervene on the grounds of copyright infringement.

Finally, let's recall that a dozen days ago Take-Two published a financial report for the second quarter of fiscal year 2023, from which we learned that GTA 5 continues to be extremely popular among the gamers. Since its release, the game has sold 170 million copies. Interestingly, as many as 5 million copies of the game have found buyers since this May alone. Given such popularity, it's hardly surprising that the game continues to be a tasty morsel for hackers.

Kamil Kleszyk

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