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News video games 20 September 2022, 16:34

author: Jakub Tarchala

GTA 6 Leak Analyzed

Grand Theft Auto 6 will combine the best of the GTA and Red Dead Redemption series. Here's a list of changes we can expect in the new installment of Rockstar's hit open-world game.

Source: Rockstar Games

Sunday saw the leak of footage from an early version of Grand Theft Auto VI, which shed new light on the future of the brand. Fans on Reddit are outdoing themselves in finding new tidbits that you might not have known existed. We present you with a list of minor and major changes caught in the GTA 6 leak.

All the facts contained in the text concern a very early version of the game. It is worth bearing in mind that the final release may look very different.

GTA 6 - essential information

  • The action will take place in Vice City, but there will also be non-urban areas. The city is to be strongly modeled on Miami - we will find in it among others a large airport, stadium, amphitheater and tennis courts.
  • The action is to be set in modern times, after the events of GTA V.
  • In the game we will direct at least two characters: Lucia and Jason. The characters will have special abilities (similar to those from GTA V) - for example, Jason will be able to recognize valuable loot by changing the screen to black and white with key items highlighted.
  • There will be RPG elements, such as: eating, drinking, sweating, fatigue and taming animals (which is reminiscent of GTA SA or RDR2).
  • Police mechanics will be refined. There will be an option to give a bribe (like in GTA IV or GTA Online), two stars will no longer be lethal to us (police will only target us, possibly shooting our legs), and during heists cops will tactically plan their actions (as opposed to "pushing their way in" like in earlier games).

GTA 6 - a handful of details

  • It is possible that the game will feature interactive streetcars (similar to those in GTA 3 or in GTA V), which we will be able to board as a passenger.
  • The game map may be as much as 2.5 times larger than the terrain available in GTA V.
  • Minimap in buildings in addition to enlarging the interior (like in GTA V), will also include information about important items, entrances and exits.
  • Dialogues with NPCs are expected to be similar to those in Red Dead Redemption 2 - dialogue options (e.g., say hello or threaten) and a "Virt" system (presumably working like honor in RDR2) will be implemented.
  • Ragdoll physics and clothes details will resemble RDR2.
  • The game will feature two types of equipment: individual and common (e.g. "Jason - Assault rifle x1" and "Common - Rocket ammunition x5").
  • Our vehicles will no longer be only shown on the minimap, but also as an icon in the game world.
  • There will be an option to move the corpse, taking people as "living shields", enemy's field of vision and ability to tie up hostages (along the lines of RDR2).
  • Car personalization system will be the most developed in the series. We will be able to adjust the height of the seat in the car, adjust the wheels, sun visors or the angle of the rear view mirror, for example.
  • There will be 5 star wanted scale (like in GTA V).
  • The game will not lack random events, such as car accidents or missing tourists.
  • We will be able to carry the main weapon on the back, which suggests that the amount of weapons carried may be limited (like in RDR2).
  • The weapon selection wheel will be expanded. It will be possible to equip, for example, a sports and duffel bag, medicine, cigarettes, lockpicks, flashlight or bulletproof vest ..
  • There will be new animations, including lying on the ground, concentrating when shooting or riding a horse..
  • The game will appear on smartphones (like GTA V).

Grand Theft Auto VI is being developed by Rockstar Games. The game has yet to receive a release date. Target platforms have also not been confirmed, although it can be expected that the title will hit current-gen consoles and PC.

Jakub Tarchala

Jakub Tarchala

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