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News video games 26 July 2022, 13:38

author: Adam Adamczyk

GTA Online's The Criminal Enterprises Update Launches; Adds Unbearable Heat and Expensive Gas

The Criminal Enterprises update for GTA Online is now available. What do we know about it?

Source: YouTube | Rockstar Games

Recently we wrote about the fact that Grand Theft Auto Online will receive a new update called The Criminal Enterprises. From the information we could learn that new content will be added to the game, which will recreate the problems that currently plague most of the real world, including high gasoline prices. The update is now available.

The Criminal Enterprises launches

The Criminal Enterprises introduces a lot of additional content to GTA Online, but the most interesting seems to be the fact that the game will recreate the problems that actually afflict most of the world. In the addition, we will be able to play the role of an IAA agent, whose task will be, among other things, to investigate the issue of drastically rising gasoline prices. The game will also feature the problem of high temperatures. The announcement of the game itself arouses considerable excitement among fans on Reddit, who do not hide their excitement and are waiting for the opportunity to download the update.

Additional content

The Criminal Enterprises offers not only new tasks, but also improves existing features in the game, such as bringing easier healing. In addition, new cars will be available with the update, which should come as no surprise to those who have been playing Grand Theft Auto Online for some time, as new means of transportation are added regularly.

GTA Onlines The Criminal Enterprises Update Launches; Adds Unbearable Heat and Expensive Gas - picture #1
Heat, chases and high gasoline prices - GTA Online continues to grow

The online module for GTA has been immensely popular, and I'm sure that The Criminal Enterprises is not the last big addition to this game.

Adam Adamczyk

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