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News Files and Mods 23 July 2022, 16:01

author: Adrian Werner

Half-Life 2 Fan-made Campaign Expands Unforgettable Location; Demo Available

A demo of the Half-Life 2: We Don't Go to Ravenholm mod, one of the most anticipated fan projects for HL2: Episode Two, has been released.

The highly anticipated mod Half-Life 2: We Don't Go to Ravenholm has lived to see a demo version.

  1. You can download the demo from the project's page on ModDB.
  2. The demo version requires Half-Life 2: Episode Two.
  3. After downloading the sample, extract it to the "...steam/steamapps/sourcemods" directory and restart Steam. Half-Life 2: We Don't Go to Ravenholm should appear in the Game Library in the client.
  4. The demo contains the first chapter of the mod's campaign and provides about 40 minutes of fun.

As the title suggests, the action of the mod takes place in Ravenholm. This section is one of the best in Half-Life 2, but in the opinion of many it was too short. So the authors of the modification decided to create an extensive, multi-hour adventure set in this location. It is worth mentioning that this is an alternative story, separate from the events of HL2.

Other notable fresh mods for Half-Life 2

Half-Life 2 is now almost 18 years old, and HL2: Episode Two will soon celebrate its fifteenth birthday. Despite this, both games still regularly receive noteworthy mods. This is due, of course, among other things, to the fact that Valve still has not released a new major installment of the series (HL: Alyx is designed exclusively for VR, which severely limits the game's popularity among modders).

Of the recently released projects, worthy of recommendation include:

  1. The Apocalypse - a total conversion mod in the atmosphere of survival horror, offering a new story campaign. In the project we have to survive aboard a spaceship whose crew has transformed into bloodthirsty monsters.
  2. Snowdrop Escape - set in a snowy city, a mod in which we play a mercenary aiming to bring about a truce between humanity and the Combine empire.
  3. The Antarctic Sciences 2022 - A refreshed version of a classic modification, the action of which takes place in an Antarctic research station.

Of the upcoming mods beyond Half-Life 2: We Don't Go to Ravenholm fans can look forward to the release of the big project Swelter, which is expected to be released next year. It will transport us to Asia, shortly before the arrival of the Combine forces.

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