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News video games 20 February 2021, 15:34

author: Przemyslaw Dygas

Hearthstone Begins Year of the Gryphon With Big Changes

Hearthstone is entering the Year of the Gryphon with a lot of changes. Blizzard's card game will add the Forged in the Barrens expansion, a new game mode, and hundreds of cards.

  • Hearthstone is launching the Year of the Gryphon;
  • It will introduce several hundred additional cards and 10 new minions;
  • The game will also feature another mode, Hearthstone Mercenaries.

As part of the new era that Hearthstone is entering, Blizzard will offer the fans plenty of new content. The highlight of the beginning of the Year of the Gryphon is the introduction of an expansion called Forged in the Barrens. The expansion is inspired by the familiar World of Warcraft locations from Azeroth. It will introduce to the game, among other things, 135 new cards and 10 previously unknown minions.

The Year of the Gryphon will also introduce a rotation of card sets available in the game. The sets from the Year of the Dragon will be moved to the Wild. This is a special game mode where all the cards released so far are available, enabling us to create custom decks. It will also include cards from the Classic and Basic sets, which together will form the Story set. The basic game mode, on the other hand, will feature an all-new base set of 235 cards. All players will be able to unlock its contents by progressing through the game.

A new gameplay mode, Hearthstone Mercenaries, will also be coming to the game. The players will choose their favorite characters from the Warcraft universe and form a mercenary band out of them. Then it will be thrown into a series of randomly generated battles. Each character will have unique abilities, and subsequent battles will increase their experience. All this to cut through the hosts of enemies and reach the final boss. The described game mode will also be available in the PvP version. The players will be able to put their mercenary teams against other, created by their rivals. However, the date of introduction of the above mode has not yet been revealed.

Hearthstone will also receive a series of story missions under the title Book of Mercenaries. They will bring the story of 10 new minions that will be introduced in the Forged in the Barrens expansion. The first part, Book of Mercenaries Rokara, will appear on April 6. The following ones will be published twice a month. In their form, these missions are to resemble the Book of Heroes, well-known to Hearthstone players.

Players who do not like such novelties will probably be pleased with the news about the introduction of the classic formula to the game. It enables us to play using the Hearthstone version from 2014. This means the game without balance changes introduced across the 7 years since the release, and with only 240 original cards. This will allow for a kind of return to the roots of Hearthstone. At the same time, it will be a full-fledged game format that will introduce separate rewards and rankings.

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