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News video games 11 December 2020, 02:21

author: Christian Pieniazek

Here's Century Age of Ashes, A Spectacular Shooter With Dragons

Playwing presented its new project, Century: Age of Ashes. This spectacular shooter with dragons in the lead role has received a spectacular trailer and early access launch date on Steam.

Dragon lovers have not been particularly spoiled by game developers in recent years. The niche was filled with Playwing, which presented Century: Age of Ashes at The Game Awards 2020. It's a multiplayer action game distributed in free-to-play model, in which we sit on these winged creatures and fight spectacular duels with other players. The game is going to launch on PC and will appear in Steam's Early Access in February 2021, where it will spend about a year.

Century: Age of Ashes will feature three modes prepared for team competition. Carnage is nothing more than classic Team Deathmatch, in Survival three six-person teams will fight until the last player is left alive, while Raid is a variation on Capture the Flag, where after scoring the flag we will have to fly with it through special goals set up around the arena.

The devs will give us a variety of dragon classes. So far we got to know three (more are to be added as the project is developed). Windguard will shield allies and confuse enemies, Marauder is a kind of winged havoc-wreaker, while Phantom's specialty will be traps and hiding from enemies. What's more, the appearance of the winged reptiles will be customizable.

Cosmetic accessories will be unlocked in exchange for experience gained during the game or real money. And since we're talking about reaching for our wallets, the creators promise that victory in Century: Age of Ashes will only be ensured by our skills and cooperation with other players; we won't find a pay-to-win mechanics here.

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Century: Age of Ashes

Century: Age of Ashes

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