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How Scalpers Threaten the Development of PlayStation 5

Tom Borys, 17 December 2020, 21:41

It turns out that groups of users wmo purchase PS5 from online stores in bulk can seriously damage the financial performance of the entire ninth generation.

Cities: Skylines for Free on Epic Games Store

Agnes Adamus, 17 December 2020, 21:38

Another free game is given away on Epic Games Store. This time we can get the classic city builder Cities: Skylines. You can pick up the game till tomorrow.

Cyberpunk 2077 x Death Stranding Review Bombed on Metacritic

Christian Pieniazek, 17 December 2020, 21:20

Death Stranding has received an update on PC, introducing content related to Cyberpunk 2077. Although the update is free and introduces a lot of interesting novelties, it has frustrated players dissatisfied with CD Projekt RED's latest work.

Trials Rising for Free as Part of Ubisoft's Happy Holidays

Christian Pieniazek, 17 December 2020, 21:15

Ubisoft has releases its second game as part of Ubisoft's Happy Holidays. This time it's Trials Rising - a bike arcade game from 2019.

Borderlands Movie May Have Just Found Its Lead Actor

Karol Laska, 17 December 2020, 21:03

Most likely, we know who will play Roland as the main character of the upcoming movie adaptation of Borderlands. It will be a well-known Hollywood comedy actor.

GTA 5 vs Cyberpunk 2077 - Battle of Nods and Details

Arkadiusz Strzala, 17 December 2020, 20:54

The Internet is an interesting place. Someone came up with an idea to compare Cyberpunk 2077 with Grand Theft Auto V in terms of details and report their findings as a video. Watch it with us.

Minecraft Snapshot 20w51a Adds Axolotls

Jacob Blazewicz, 17 December 2020, 20:11

Mojang has released a new snapshot from Cliffs & Caves update for Minecraft. Snapshot 20w51a adds more animals to the game, namely axolotls.

Cyberpunk 2077 Mods to Improve Performance and Controls

Adrian Werner, 17 December 2020, 19:36

It's only been a week since the launch of Cyberpunk 2077, and the game has already got a whole lot of mods. Currently, fan-made modifications are mainly focused on improving such elements as performance or controls.

First Reviews: Monster Hunter Movie - It's Bad

Karol Laska, 17 December 2020, 18:25

The first critics' opinions on the Monster Hunter movie starring Milla Jovovich appeared on the web. Fans of the games from this universe may and will be disappointed - unless they can be satisfied with simple entertainment.

Twitch Will Ban Use of „Simp” and „Incel” as Insults

Jacob Blazewicz, 17 December 2020, 18:23

From new year on, Twitch will crack down on sexual insults seriously. The new rules will include a ban on the use of words such as „simp”, „incel”, „virgin” etc. in this context.

Disney Doesn't Want Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean

Karol Laska, 17 December 2020, 12:26

Johnny Depp is unlikely to return to the role of Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean. Great reluctance to hire the actor is shown quite bluntly by Disney.

The Sims 4 World Edit Mod on New Gameplay

Agnes Adamus, 17 December 2020, 12:15

A gameplay from The Sims 4 World Edit, which enables us to create our own city, has launched. On the video we can see how the whole process of editing the environment looks like.

New Microtransactions in AC Valhalla Speed Up Character Progression

Jacob Blazewicz, 17 December 2020, 10:52

Ubisoft has introduced new microtransactions in Assassin's Creed: Valhalla. From now on, players can purchase boosters to acquired experience points and gold.

Epic Games Store's Two-week Giveaway Begins Today; Possible List Leaked

Adrian Werner, 17 December 2020, 10:29

Today, a Holiday special offer will be launched at Epic Games Store, where a full version of different game will be distributed daily for the next two weeks. Rumors about games that will be offered appeared from some time, but a list that eventually surfaced seems a little out of touch with reality.