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News video games 15 February 2023, 12:54

author: Damian Gacek

High Roller Dungeon in Dark and Darker; The Most Difficult Mode Explained

If you want to know what the High-Roller Dungeon in Dark and Darker is and what to expect from it, then this article is for you. We will tell you what the most difficult mode in the game involves.

Dark and Darker is a mix of dungeon crawler and battle royal. It is a difficult game, but, as always in such cases, there will be players for whom simply "difficult" is not enough. High-roller mode was developed for them. In this guide, we will talk about it.

Modes in Dark and Darker

There are currently 3 gameplay modes in Dark and Darker:

  1. The Goblin Caves – a new mode specifically designed for solo players. There are no teams in it. However, it is worth noting that many players complain that it is currently more difficult than The Forgotten Castle (Normal). Read about it here.
  2. The Forgotten Castle (Normal) – the basic game mode, this is where you will probably start your adventure in the game. It is open to teams (3-player and 2-player) and solo players. However, if you are playing solo, you must be prepared for the fact that a clash with a team may not end well for you.
  3. The Forgotten Castle (High-Roller) – works on the same principle as The Forgotten Castle (Normal) except that the difficulty level is much higher. In this article we will take a look at it.

High Roller dungeon in Dark and Darker – requirements to enter

  1. Minimum level: 15;
  2. Entrance Fee: 100 gold.

As you can see, the Higher roller dungeon is not for everyone. You have to meet certain requirements (presented above). If you are considering participating in this mode, we recommend that you take your time. Don't play the mode as soon as you have fulfilled them. Gather some funds and equipment first so that if you lose, you will be able to start smoothly again.

High Roller Dungeon – general description

  1. No kill-feed or in-game timer – this is a big inconvenience for players. The kill-feed in particular is a very useful tool that can allow you to estimate how many opponents are left in the dungeon.
  2. Enemies – you should expect a higher chance of meeting elite and nightmare grade monsters. If you had problems with opponents in basic dungeons, you'd better not choose the High-Roller Dungeon.
  3. Better drop rates for high quality gear – in order to collect really powerful gear you have to go to High-Roller mode. There is a greater chance of dropping better quality loot there. What is more, it is the only way to get unique grade equipment. We have described this in a separate article.
  4. Fewer blue portals, more red portals – when taking part in the High-Roller Dungeon, you also have to reckon with the fact that it's harder to extract (less blue portals). On the other hand, it is much easier to continue your exploration on the more difficult, lower levels of the castle (red portals). Rad about them here.

To sum up: the High-Roller Dungeon in Dark and Darker is only for those who are really familiar with the game. The rewards for exploring it are much higher, but at the same time the risks are also greater. Do not go there if you are not ready to confront the best players and the strongest monsters.

Dark and Darker Guide

If you are curious about this and other mechanics included in the game, then you must read our guide - Dark and Darker Guide. You will learn all the most important information.

Damian Gacek

Damian Gacek

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