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News video games 27 July 2022, 12:26

Free Map for Hitman 3 Available; Offers Unexpected Activity

A new free map for Hitman 3 is now available. Ambrose Island is receiving a ton of praise from players.

  • A new free map has been released in Hitman 3.
  • Ambrose Island takes us to a pirate island, where we will have to deal with several targets.
  • The first reviews of the map have already appeared online, and they are mostly positive.

At the beginning of the month we reported, that Hitman 3 will receive a new map that will be available for free. Today the day of its release has finally arrived and players can already get acquainted with Ambrose Island. The first reviews of the location have also appeared online.

A pirate island full of possibilities

The mission on Ambrose Island is a kind of return to the past for players. The storyline is set in the period known from the second part of the new trilogy. As part of it, we have to deal with one of Lucas Grey's renegade subordinates.

In terms of gameplay, the mission looks decent and many players say that it gives the impression of a full-fledged mission, which was cut from the second game.

A number of options for eliminating the target have been put at our disposal. We can do this either by performing predetermined tasks or improvising. The map itself, on the other hand, is a large location, where we can spend a lot of time walking in search of useful clues, hiding places and objects.

In addition, we can also find a bit of activity on Ambrose Island. A player discovered that the island offers us the opportunity to take part in slapfighting competitions.

Players are pleased

On the web we can also find the first opinions of players who have already managed to complete the mission. Most of them are positive.

"It's a really fun map to explore. There are a lot of paths to choose from, which is quite an advantage, since each target is located in a different area. Doing this mission was very enjoyable for me.

I am only slightly disappointed that there are only 53 challenges present. I expected a bit more of them, considering how big the map itself is," wrote ShadyFan25

"I just completed it. It's a really decent map. I like its aesthetics. It gives the impression of a jungle area from Santa Fortuna, combined with the openness of Haven Island," praises spectre15

However, some complain that there are no additional story missions associated with the map. However, most players agree that this is not a big drawback, given that we are dealing with a free location.

So it remains to boot up the game and head to Ambrose Island to finish one more job.

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