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News video games 08 July 2022, 15:16

author: Adrian Werner

Hitman 3 Gets Free Map, It’s Dark and Full of Pirates

Fans of Agent 47 are in for a treat. Hitman 3 will receive a new map set on a tropical island for free this month.

IO Interactive studio has announced the next update for Hitman 3. The patch will bring a lot of new content.

  1. The biggest highlight will be Ambrose Island, a new map set on a tropical island controlled by a pirate syndicate.
  2. The map will offer new targets for elimination, fresh challenges and many items to unlock.
  3. The new level will be made available for free.
  4. The update will debut on July 26 on all supported platforms.

It is worth noting that this is not the end of the attractions that fans of Hitman 3 can look forward to this year. In the coming months, the game will receive a Freelancer mode inspired by roguelike games.

Hitman 3 debuted on January 20, 2021 on PC (initially only on Epic Games Store, and since January this year also on Steam) and on PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S consoles. The title is also available on Google Stadia. The game has proven to be a a major success. The production costs paid for themselves in less than a week after release.

Hitman 3 Gets Free Map, It’s Dark and Full of Pirates - picture #1

Fans are also creating their own content

Hitman 3 does not offer official support for mods, but this does not prevent fans from creating various projects. One of the most ambitious is the recently released Chongqing Noodle Massacre. This is the first truly new fan-made mission for the game. The modification uses the map of Chongging to recreate The Seafood Massacre mission from Hitman: Contracts.

  1. Chongqing Noodle Massacre - download the mod from our FTP. (The author has given us permission to host the mirror)
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Hitman 3

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