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Hogwarts Legacy Guide

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World Map Hogwarts Legacy

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World Map
Hogwarts Legacy
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Hogwarts Legacy: Interactive World Map Hogwarts Legacy guide

Interactive world map for Hogwarts Legacy will help you find all of the secrets and collectibles in the game. We have marked all quests, Merlin Trials, Chests, Field Guide Pages, Balloons.

Last update: 20 April 2023

This page of the Hogwarts Legacy guide contains an interactive map of the game world. It contains the most important points needed to complete a collection or other collectibles.

In our guide, you will also find interactive maps of Hogwarts and Hogsmeade.

Floo Flames

Floo Flames are fast travel points. You will unlock them when you visit the location where they are located at least once. You can move to them from the map free of charge.

Collection Chests

In Collection Chests, you will find, e.g. items needed to unlock collections. They will usually give you a lot of different decorations that can be used in the Room of Requirement. Also, you can find various Wand handles.

Field Guide Pages

These pages contain descriptions revealing information about certain locations, objects, etc. They can be obtained mainly with various spells, e.g. Revelio, Accio or other spells (it depends on the situation).

Demiguise Statues

You can only spot and get them at night. They are used, e.g. to increase the Alohomora level, thanks to which this spell will be able to open higher-level locks.

Merlin Trials

These are puzzles of all kinds. At the very beginning, you need to have some Mallowsweet Leaves to scatter them and activate the trial. Then, when you manage to complete it, you will receive some experience points. In addition, they unlock more inventory space, so it's worth completing them.

Ancient Magic Hotspot

There is ancient magic in these places. When you approach them, you will need to interact with them to activate the trial. Three objects should appear near you - you must reach them in various ways. Sometimes you will need to use fire spells, sometimes you just need to find the right way.

They unlock an additional bar of Ancient Magic (a powerful spell that deals massive damage).

Infamous Foes

These opponents that act as mini-bosses. They have a much bigger health bar and their deal more damage than the regular creatures. By defeating them, you can get collection entries and decorative rewards, such as the Wolf Mask for defeating such enemies several times.

Monster Den

We have marked the places where you will encounter animals that you can adopt and breed in the aviary in the Room of Requirement. Besides playing with fantastical creatures and petting them, you can also, thanks to proper care, obtain crafting materials from them.

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