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News video games 12 January 2023, 15:53

author: Agnes Adamus

How to Destroy a Kingdom in Bannerlord

In Bannerlord it is possible to destroy entire enemy kingdoms. If you are interested in how to do this, you can find the essential information here.

In Bannerlord there is a mechanic that enables you to destroy entire enemy kingdoms. Unfortunately, despite its simple premise, it can cause problems. Here you will find its description and the modifications that enable you to change it.

How to destroy a kingdom in Bannerlord?

In theory, destroying another kingdom in Bannerlord is feasible and not particularly complicated. This is because you need to completely take over territories belonging to the opponent and kill or drag to your side all the lords associated with the country in question.

In practice, however, this is very difficult to achieve. The whole process is, above all, time-consuming. In addition, it has a very negative impact on your popularity. Killing lords causes a deterioration of opinion in all representatives of this group - not only those associated with a particular kingdom. Therefore, in the future you may struggle with the consequences of your decisions. For example, it will be more difficult to convince a nobleman to join you.

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Destroying a kingdom in Bannerlord with mods

However, the process of destroying kingdoms can be simplified with the help of mods. In Steam workshop as well as on Nexus Mods you will find a project called Kingdom Annexation, which greatly expands this mechanic. Thanks to it, you won't have to wrestle with eliminating every lord. This is because it enables you to take over the enemy if one of several conditions is met - for example, the military strength of your country must be greater than that of your opponent by a certain percentage.

In addition, this modification enables you to edit the conditions for taking over the kingdom. Thus, you can easily adjust the victory parameters so that they suit you.

It is also worth bearing in mind that there is a modification called Improved Executionswhich enables you to change the negative impact of executions. Using it will reduce the undesirable effects of killing nobles.

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