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News guides 29 January 2024, 04:57

Palworld - How to Download Pokemon Mod

There is a Pokemon mod for Palworld in works. If you would like download it, you will have to prepare to go through some hurdles. Here you will learn all you need to know.

Source: Palworld, Developer: Pocketpair

It is not a secret that Palworld was heavily inspired by legendary Pokémon series. The core of the game focuses on titular Pals, which like creatures from previously mentioned production, have to be caught and then can battle alongside your avatar. Critters from Palworld are not only machines of destruction and a means to fight, but they are also part of survival element of this game. They can be used on farms or factories. How cool would it be if Pokémons were able to do the same, right? Well, they can or at least soon we will have such an option, as one of the modders is creating a Pokémon mod for Palworld. Downloading it can be a bit tricky, so here you will learn all there is to it.

Nexus Mods statement regarding Pokémon mod in Palworld – Update (29.01.2024)

Nexus Mods, one of the most popular sites for hosting modifications, released an official statement in which they present their view on Pokémon related Palworld mods. Citing, they would feel “uncomfortable” hosting such content on their website, as this may lead to legal challenges and other actions, that could hurt both Nexus Mods and mod creators as well.

This puts the future of Pokémon mods for Palworld in a very tight spot. Since the game has gotten a lot of traction and popularity, it has brought upon itself eyes of Nintendo and The Pokémon Company, which is already investigating the possibility of copyright infringement. We can expect any future mods turning Pals into Pokémon almost immediately shot down by their copyright owners.

Pokémon mod in Palworld legal issues– Update (24.01.2024)

As suspected, Pokemon mod that is in works by Toasted, has triggered a legal action from the side of Nintendo. This was confirmed by the mod creator on X (former Twitter). The modder plans to comply with all the further legal notices, as he confirmed in his interview with IGN.

Due to this whole situation, the future of this modification can be very uncertain. The video that Toasted was supposed to release, has been published, though it was immediately taken down due to copyright claims of Nintendo.

Downloading Pokémon mod in Palworld – Original news (23.01.2024)

Palworld is not all about combat, it’s also a mix of survival and crafting game. It has been received so well that many people would like to see their favourite creatures from another series – Pokémon. There is a modder who answered those desires. Toasted, a popular modification creator, has announced that he is working on such a mod. Downloading it, however, is not so simple.

The modder is known for sharing his mods only with his patreon backers. It is not said yet that it will be the case this time, but it’s safe to speculate that it will not change. If this happens, then the only way to download the mod would be by becoming his patreon.

There is an event that may put all his ordeal to the test. The original screenshot from the tweet (X post) has been taken down, as it has been reported by copyright owner. We can only assume that it’s been done by Nintendo, as they are known for ferociously guarding their IPs.

In the aforementioned tweet (X post), Toasted has informed that he will share full video regarding this modification today (23-Jan-2024), but due to the situation with the copyright strike, it may be subject to change. At the moment, it is not known for now what is going on behind the scenes. This may also affect the date of release of his mod or its complete cancellation.

Don’t worry though if you are still stoked about the Pokémon appearance in Palworld and you don’t want to spend a buck. Surely enough, there will be a lot more fans who will get busy creating similar modifications. However, they may also have to deal with copyright claims.

Palworld Interactive Map

We have prepared a map for you. It is still work in progress, but you may be sure that it will be updated quickly.

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