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News guides 07 March 2023, 15:26

author: Agnes Adamus

How to Get a Gold and Kiwami Hammer in Like a Dragon Ishin

In Like a Dragon Ishin you can upgrade your equipment using hammers. Here you will learn how to get the two rarest of them - Gold and Kiwami.

In Like a Dragon Ishin you can upgrade your equipment. To create the best quality gear, you need Gold and Kiwami Hammer. Both are extremely rare and difficult to find. You can find out how to get them in this guide.

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Like a Dragon Ishin - what are Gold and Kiwami Hammer used for?

Like a Dragon: Ishin offers a crafting system. With its help you can make new equipment or upgrade the one you already have. To do this, you must have the right raw materials and one of the hammers available in the game.

Creating the best items requires good hammers - Gold or Kiwami. These are extremely rare tools, the acquisition of which cost you a lot of time.

Like a Dragon Ishin - how to get a Kiwami Hammer?

In Like a Dragon: Ishin there is a Battle Dungeon mini-game - you will get access to it in Chapter 5, where you can complete a series of 40 special missions. They are divided between 3 dungeons - Bandits' Cave, Bandits' Mine and Sanada Stronghold.

To unlock the Kiwami Hammer you must complete all the quests included in the Battle Dungeon. Then head to Second Home, which is a farm. Once there, you will find a special letter. With it you can go to Bakumatsu Bob, that is, the character with whom you unlock the DLCs. He resides on the first floor of the Teradaya Inn. When you talk to him, you will receive the Kiwami Hammer.

The second option to get the Kiwami Hammer is to complete 100% Memoirs.. However, this is only possible if you complete the game.

These are the only ways discovered at this point. However, it is possible that there are other methods of obtaining it. Therefore, you must look around carefully.

Like a Dragon Ishin - how to get Gold Hammer?

You can get the Gold Hammer in several ways. The surest one is to complete the Banquet of Might arena. If you are lucky, there is also a chance that it will drop from a defeated opponent or you will receive it as a prize for winning the lottery.

Agnes Adamus

Agnes Adamus

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