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News guides 28 March 2023, 23:00

author: Damian Gacek

How to Make a Lake in Terra Nil

In this guide we will tell you how to make a lake in Terra Nil. It is important if you want to collect all animals.

Terra Nil is a new puzzle game, it is quite relaxing and allows players to restore nature on a devastated planet. However, sometimes this title can be quite challenging. One of the most difficult to figure out elements is how to make a lake. It is quite simple, but only after you know what to do.

How to make a lake in Terra Nil

To construct a lake, you must have a wide point of river (it is important, it can’t be a sea) full of water. You have to find a spot, in which there is at least four-tile of water in straight line, in four wayat least radius 4.

How to Make a Lake in Terra Nil - picture #1

Lake in Terra Nil

It means that there must be a body of water, in which there is a cross of fluid made of two nine-tile lines (each arm is 4 tiles long with 1 tile in the center). You can see it in the screen above.

If you don’t see such a point on your map, you have to make one. The most basic tool, which is available even in the first region is Excavator. It is a machine which makes a straight line in the ground. Nevertheless, you must be careful, remember that you can’t destroy buildings. However, you can undo your last move if you make a mistake. Good luck.

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Damian Gacek

Damian Gacek

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