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News guides 30 April 2024, 08:10

How to Play Gray Zone Warfare (GZW) Early Access

If you are interested in Gray Zone Warfare, here you will learn if it's possible to play it and approximate date when it will enter Early Access.

Source: Gray Zone Warfare, Developer: Madfinger Games

Update: The game was released in Early Access on Steam. You can buy it here.

Not everyone enjoys fast paced combat of Call of Duty or Battlefield. Some people prefer more tactical and realistic approach to First Person Shooters. However, the most popular title when it comes to military realism, Arma 3, is already 11 years old, while Arma 4 vaguely looms on the horizon. Creators from Madfinger Games do not want to wait any longer and took the matters in their hands with their own production – Gray Zone Warfare. As the game was already available as a preview for influencers, let’s see when the other fans will be able to take their own steps in the Democratic Republic of Lamang, where GZW is set.

How to play Gray Zone Warfare

There are never enough military FPS titles. With such high demand, the developers can freely express their vision of this genre and hope that it will find its niche. We had a fair share of fast-paced productions, yet there are fans who prefer a less flashy and more realistic way of presenting conflicts. To the roster of titles like, for example, Ready or Not or Six Days in Fallujah, comes a spiritual successor of Arma series set in current times – Gray Zone Warfare. But how to play it?

Unfortunately, it’s currently impossible. We were able to see the game in action thanks to a closed playtest available only for selected influencers. That doesn’t necessarily mean that we will have to wait a very long time for the production to be available for a broader audience. Even though there is no official date yet, GZW is planned to be released in Early Access some time in 2024.

There is also a chance that the developers will decide to put the game to further tests with a larger number of players. If you just can’t wait and you would like to get into the fray as soon as possible, make sure to follow the official Gray Zone Warfare social media outlets like, for example, official Discord server or Twitter.

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Gray Zone Warfare

Gray Zone Warfare