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News video games 20 October 2019, 22:10

author: Michael Kulakowski

Humble Monthly is Becoming Humble Choice - Fewer Games for Higher Price

At the end of this year, the Humble Monthly service will change its formula and name. Players will now specify the games that they will receive every month, but in return they will have to pay almost twice the subscription fee, while downloading fewer titles.

Humble Monthly is a subscription service provided by Humble Store. From the beginning of its operation, by paying 12 dollars we received a set of keys to ten PC games selected by the shop staff every month, only a part of which is presented at the beginning of each month. The originators of the service have just announced that by the end of the year they are going to modify its business model, and with it the name, which will now be Humble Choice.

Humble Choice will launch at the end of the year.

Despite the marketing spin in promotional materials mentioning a significant improvement in the functioning of the service, the Humble Choice offer will be less advantageous for consumers than before. Not only will they receive one less game a month, but they will have to pay significantly more for the subscription, which will cost $19.99. The only advantage will be that they will decide which game will go to their libraries. At the moment, however, it is not clear how and from what large pool of titles the choice will be made.

The key to understanding the changes is an additional subscription option (except for the cheaper and more limited Lite and Basic versions) called Classic, intended for long-time Humble Monthly users. After the launch of Humble Choice, existing customers will use the service completely unchanged, in the same formula and with the same $12 monthly fee plan. However, if they interrupt their subscription for at least one month, they will be forced to purchase a less attractive Premium plan when they return. It seems therefore that the revolution in the service, rather than attracting new customers, is aimed at stopping existing subscribers who, for fear of losing privileges and lower prices, will continue to pay regularly for the service. Over the next few weeks, anyone interested will still be able to subscribe to the Classic subscription by registering on the Humble Monthly website. After the official launch of Humble Choice this opportunity will be lost forever.

It is worth noting that after the launch of Humble Choice, the other benefits of the subscription will not change. This includes a 20% discount on shopping on Humble Store and access to Humble Trove, a database of dozens of games that can be downloaded directly from the site.

Available subscription plans.
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