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News video games 14 December 2018, 13:07

author: Aquma

Hytale: a brand new game from the Minecraft community

Hytale is a new sandbox RPG developed by a studio formed by the members of the Minecraft community with the support of Riot Games.

Hytale: a brand new game from the Minecraft community - picture #1
Hytale officially announced.


  1. Some of the developers involved in creating content for Hypixel - a Minecraft server – have founded their own company Hypixel Studios;
  2. The newly formed company announced a new game clearly inspired by Minecraft - Hytale;
  3. The production is developed with the support of Riot Games.

Ever heard of Hypixel? One of the biggest Minecraft servers, frequented by some very dedicated content creators? If not, have a look at its YouTube channel, because it's full of really cool things. If you do know them, however, we have some good news: some of the people involved in creating the content for this server will now be working on their own game as part of the newly-founded independent company – Hypixel Studios. The project will be titled Hytale and have the support of Riot Games (League of Legends).

”Since meeting the Hypixel team in 2016, we've been blown away by their support for their community, vision for the future of sandbox gaming, and belief in individual contributors working toward a common goal," Riot Games boss Dylan Jadeja said. "Their ambition and commitment to quality gives us a ton of confidence, and from everything we've seen of Hytale, we haven't been let down. Supporting Hypixel is also an opportunity to support a game that will reach players at multiple stages in their gaming journeys, across age groups, genres, and play styles. We can't wait to dive into the world of Hytale.”

What will Hytale be? Both the above quote and the released trailer (below) point to a title that draws inspiration from Minecraft in many ways - which probably shouldn’t surprise anyone, given the "pedigree" of the developers. The game will feature content made by creators (e.g. dungeons and bosses), as well as a creative mode that allows you to create your own mini-games. Similarities to the title from MojangAB can also be seen in the "square" graphic design.

It is worth noting that Hytale is being developed since 2015. More than 40 people have been working on the game. You can expect that now - thanks to Riot’s support - the project will be able to spread its wings.

”This investment means that we're able to level up our production values across many disciplines, and to provide stability for our team. It also allows us to avoid many common pitfalls of game development, like feeling pressure to release too early or over-reliance on crowdfunding. This is our first game as a newly-formed studio, but we're excited to embrace the challenges that lie ahead.", say the founders of Hypixel.

Hytale has no release date yet. The only confirmed target platform are computers (PC and Mac), but the creators will also consider other possibilities at a later date. Players interested in this title may also be interested in beta-tests. We also encourage you to visit the official website of the title.

  1. Hypixel Studios official website
  2. Hytale official website
  3. Riot Games official website


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