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News video games 03 December 2021, 15:46

author: Adrian Werner

Icarus From DayZ Devs Launches Today

Today marks the release of Icarus, the new online survival game from DayZ creator Dean Hall.

  1. Today marks the debut of Icarus;
  2. The game is coming to PC only,
  3. will be unlocked on Steam in a few hours;
  4. Until December 7 the basic game and the special edition are available 10% off.

Today marks the release of Icarus, an online survival game designed by Dean Hall, the creator of DayZ. The game will be released exclusively on PC.

The project will be unlocked on Steam. Until December 7 we can buy the game for 10% off. In addition to the standard edition, you can also purchase the so-called Icarus: Supporters Edition, which offers, among other things, two additional bases and a unique suit, as well as includes two DLCs to be released next year.

Icarus is Dean Hall's latest project, but his most famous work, i.e. DayZ is also doing very well, recently setting a new activity record on Steam. You can read more about it below:

  1. DayZ Breaks Popularity Record on Steam

At launch, the game is to offer more than 35 missions, which we will complete on a map of 64 square kilometers. We'll use 40 types of weapons and ammunition, 35 pieces of armor, 95 building elements and more than 140 items for crafting.

Before deciding to buy, we recommend that you take a look at the system requirements, as they are very high. The recommended configuration is an Intel i7-9700m processor, an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 Ti graphics card and up to 32 GB of RAM. Hall explains this by the fact that Icarus is a network game with gigantic maps and therefore will be able to use so much memory, although he assures that the title will also work well on systems with less RAM.

If you don't have a sufficiently powerful rig, the GeForce NOW streaming service may be an interesting alternative. Yesterday, Nvidia announced that Icarus will be one of the new games supported by this solution.

  1. Icarus - official website
  2. RocketWerkz - official website


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