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News video games 21 April 2023, 11:04

author: Adrian Werner

This Magical FPS Will be More Than Simple Call of Duty Clone [UPDATE: Gameplay]

We've learned quite a bit new information about Immortals of Aveum, the FPP action game from veteran Call of Duty devs. It turns out that the game will resemble God of War more than CoD.


Is Immortals of Aveum in fact more like God of War than Call of Duty? You can find out by watching the first, 6-minute gameplay from the project:

Original post (April 14)

One of the most interesting games announced this year is Immortals of Aveum - a first-person fantasy action game, developed by Ascendant Studios. It is a team founded by Bret Robbins - former creative director of three installments of Call of Duty and the first Dead Space.

Recently, the developers held an event for the press (attended by editors of such websites as Gamesradar and PCGamer), thanks to which several previews have hit the web. They shed some light on the game.

  1. Given Bret Robbins' experience (he was a creative director of CoD: Modern Warfare 3, CoD: Advanced Warfare and CoD: WWII), one would expect that Immortals of Aveum would be like fantasy Call of Duty. In fact, the game is supposed to look different and can rather be described as a "first-person God of War".
  2. The structure of the world will resemble precisely GoW. So we will get mostly linear locations, which will, however, be connected to several hubs, which will take the form of larger, open spaces.
  3. In the hubs we will often meet characters with whom we will be able to talk.
  4. In addition to combat, the campaign will also feature puzzles. There will also be a skill development tree.
  5. The game will offer a system of fast travel between the hubs, which will prove useful, for example, when returning to older locations in order to use new abilities to obtain previously unavailable items.
  6. When returning to older hubs, the characters staying in them will have different dialogues, corresponding to the current progress in the story.
  7. Immortals of Aveum will deliver an extensive single-player campaign that will provide about 25 hours of fun.
  8. The game will offer only single player mode. The developers have no DLCs or battle passes planned.

Immortals of Aveum is heading to PC, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PlayStation 5. The game will be released on July 20, this year.

  1. Immortals of Aveum - official website
  2. Immortals of Aveum on Steam

Adrian Werner

Adrian Werner

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