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News guides 12 June 2023, 12:21

Is Lies of P Souls-Like Game? We Analyze

New demanding title has its demo released on Steam. Lies of P takes place in a steampunk world where players battle victorian style automata. Is it a souls-like title though? Let's find out.

Source: NEOWIZ

Set in a steam-punk world, Lies of P takes a new approach to the classic Pinocchio story originally created by an Italian writer, Carlo Collodi. The developers have shared the demo and it was a huge success as almost 16,000 people gave it a try in the very first day. With such popularity, a lot of players are wondering if there are similarities between Lies of P and From Software creations. Let’s analyze if it’s a soulslike game.

Lies of P similarities to soulsborne games

It can’t be denied that Lies of P resembles soulslike games in its core mechanics. Just as in games created by From Software, the title also features unlockable checkpoint stations which allow levelling up (at least at the beginning) after spending currency, called Ergo, obtained after defeating enemies. Resting at those revives all the previously killed foes. Also, like in souls games, upon death Ergo is lost and can be retrieved by getting back to the place where the player met their demise.

When it comes to fighting, souls games players will feel at home in Lies of P. It features almost the same way of battle. Light and heavy attacks, dodges, and parries. The tile even introduces the similar poise-like system that can be found in its counterpart. After consecutively striking foes, their “poise” is broken allowing for high-damage, devastating attack.

It can be surprising how many similarities to soulsborne titles Lies of P has. Even the UI of the inventory menu is almost perfectly matching the one from Elden Ring. What is more, using Ergo items has identical animation as those featured in From Software titles.

It seems though that Lies of P is a lot more lenient in its difficulty. Enemy strikes are not as deadly, and death doesn’t come as often as in original souls games.


With all that being said, it’s safe to say that yes, Lies of P is very much a soulslike title. The way it leads the narration, the fighting mechanics, level design and even the distinguishable enemy placement. All of that screams it’s a souls game.

If you are in love with this kind challenge, it is definitely a title to look at. Be wary though as in some places Lies of P feels “stiffer” and less fluid than From Software creations. Less patient players should reconsider reaching out for this game, too. Even though it’s a bit easier than titles from the genre, it is still demanding, unforgiving, and doesn’t offer any difficulty slider.

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