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News video games 20 April 2022, 15:05

author: Miriam Moszczynska

Is New World Still Worth Playing? Fans Analyze Game's Condition

You can criticize New World, but despite appearances the game's shape is not as bad as it might seem. Players decided to answer some questions about its current condition.

It's not a well-known fact that criticizing video games is an easy thing to do, especially if the whole community does it. Although in the case of New World negative reviews are very justified, it does not mean that the game should be buried and forgotten. Players indicate that the game by Amazon Games is not so bad after all.

Negative narrative does its job

Yes, New World is becoming desolate. Yes, the game does not lack bots. Yes, Amazon could have listened to the community when it comes to game's development. Users who remain loyal to New World have decided to answer some questions that new and returning players are asking.

Starting with advice for the first group, the New World community points out that:

  1. The game is currently on sale and does not force you to spend more money on in-game content;
  2. There are more low-level activities and random events, and the experience point number required to reach level 60, current cap, has been lowered, although side quests are still far from diverse;
  3. Wanting to play New World for the first time, a good option would be to join one of the popular servers, where there are more beginners (some tasks require cooperation of two people).

What changed in the game during these few months?

If you are concerned about whether New World continues to burn GPUs - no, this is not happening. The game is also no longer experiencing lags and synchronization issues, at least not to the extent it was some time ago.

The same is true of the end game. As we know, players are rather disappointed with the way Amazon Games has handled content for veterans of the game. In the player-created FAQ this issue was addressed as follows:

"Somewhat. There's an entire new expedition that is meant for higher gear scores, and is the longest and hardest in the game Mutations have made existing expeditions a little to a lot harder, but at the end of the day they're still the same expedition. Another new expedition will hit this summer, and this fall will bring us an entire new territory along with another expedition. More PVP content is coming this spring as well."

3v3 arenas and PvP rankings are also set to come to the game. While the issue of new content is the most important in analyzing whether the game is worth returning to or not, it is also worth recalling the slightly smaller changes. Players also point out other positive aspects of New World.

  1. The storage capacity has been doubled and you can take items from it in any settlement for free, regardless of which faction it belongs to.
  2. Travel costs have been reduced to a maximum of 20 Azoth for each fast travel.
  3. Ammunition weighs nothing and players have an infinite amount of it for basic weapons. Also during OPR [Outpost Rush] you can use ammunition without limit.

Should we go back or not?

Unfortunately, there is no simple answer to this question. As players point out, the problems with bots still exist and it is impossible to put an end to them once and for all - after all bots are not a problem exclusive to Amazon Games' MMO.

Nevertheless, if you already have New World in your library, there is absolutely nothing to prevent you from giving the game a second chance. After all, the game received several improvements and not only in the technical layer.

New World

New World

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