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News video games 16 December 2022, 22:07

author: Jacob Blazewicz

New Horizon Confirmed to Get Co-op

Guerrilla Games is finally officially getting down to work on the online installment of the Horizon series, which will enable us to face wild machines together with friends.

Next Horizon - or rather one of the new games in the series - will include a multiplayer mode. This is indicated by an announcement released by Guerrilla Games (thanks, Insider Gaming).

The post on Twitter had a graphic attached, showing vacant positions at the studio. Above the listing was the information that the developer will expand the world of the Horizon brand not only with "new single-player adventures," but also a "network project."

The game is expected to introduce all-new characters and a "unique, stylized look" to the universe. On the subject of gameplay, it was mentioned that the title will enable "joint exploration of the majestic wilderness of Horizon".

So it looks like the Guerrilla Games team is preparing two new games. The first will be the third main installment in the series, maintaining the spirit of the previous titles. While the second will be an online spin-off focusing on cooperative mode and - how else - multiplayer combat against machines.

It is worth adding that already in 2020 we heard rumors that the continuation of Horizon: Zero Dawn was to offer cooperative gameplay, and the developer wanted to release a standalone game in this style. Ultimately, nothing came of it, but apparently Guerrilla Games has no intention of abandoning the concept.

In addition, in November there were rumors about Sony entering into a partnership with NCSoft, which was allegedly going to take on the development of the online Horizon. However, this seems to be contradicted by the recruitment at Guerrilla Games - apparently the team wants to develop this game on its own (or at least not to outsource all the work on it to another contractor).

Will we get a cooperative Horizon this time? Time will tell. For now, we are waiting for the premiere of Burning Shores expansion, which will debut on April 19, 2023.

Jacob Blazewicz

Jacob Blazewicz

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