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News video games 09 December 2022, 13:34

author: Damian Gacek

Ixion - Non Workers, Workers and Colonists: Population Explained

In this article we address issues related to Population. Let's talk about non workers, workers and colonists. You will learn all about Cryonic Pods and Center.

Ixion is a new city builder game set in space. The player's task is to build a space station. If this makes you think of the game Startopia, you are not wrong, although Ixion is definitely a more serious game. However, the development of the station requires, in addition to various resources, another asset, possibly the most important one - population In this article, we will talk about the different types of station inhabitants - Non-Workers, Workers and Colonists.

Ixion Cryonic Pods

One very important resource in the game Ixion is Cryonic Pods. You will unlock them as you progress through the storyline. They are acquired by sending a Science Ship to the quest locations and then transported to the station using a Cargo Ship (remember, you must have a special stockpile for them).

Cryonic Pods can be opened thanks to the Cryonics Center. They can house workers or non-workers.

Ixion Cryonics Center

You can unlock the Cryonics centre once you have developed the right technology. You can open Cryonic Pods in this building, which will increase the population of your station, so it is very important.

Ixion - Non Workers, Workers and Colonists: Population Explained - picture #1

In the Cryonics Center options, you can select which sector you want your new citizens to appear in. Separately, you can choose where you want workers and non-workers to live. However, do not confuse these settings with the choice of resident category - this is out of your control (at least initially). You can only set where they should appear (and the population limit).

Ixion Non-Workers and Workers

At the beginning of the game you will encounter 2 basic types of inhabitants of your station - non-workers and workers. You can acquire them thanks to the already described Cryonic Pods and Cryonics Center.

Workers, of course, are particularly useful, as they are the ones who operate all the buildings and machines you can find on the station. For this reason, everyone would like to have as many of them as possible.

Unfortunately, for the time being you can count on a non-workers to come out of the Cryonic Pods in many cases. Sadly, at the beginning of the game they have no use, later they can be trained and will turn into Colonists.

Ixion Colonists

As the storyline and technology progresses, you will get the opportunity to research a Colonization Training Center. This building will allow you to turn non-workers into colonists. You will need them for the storyline, so sooner or later you will be forced to train them.

An interesting option is that once you have used them, you will be able to abandon them (the penalty for this will be a drop in trust). I leave it up to you to choose which is more worthwhile.

Non-workers - How to reduce their numbers

Having too many Non-workers is certainly not very good, as they are useless to your station. Later in the game, you will be given the opportunity to build a DLS Center (after proper technology has been developed). This building allows you to introduce Policies. One of them is the possibility to set Crypod Awekening to only workers. However, this is combined with a significant reduction in stability, so be prepared beforehand.

Damian Gacek

Damian Gacek

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