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News hardware & software 08 April 2021, 13:41

author: Capitalny

Real-life Jurassic Park is Possible, Claims Neuralink's Co-founder

Max Hodak, Elon Musk's close associate, CEO and co-founder of Neuralink Corporation, stated that we already have the technology to recreate Jurassic Park in real life.

  • On his Twitter account, Max Hodak made a bold claim about the possibility of creating an actual park filled with dinosaurs;
  • However, the American added that these would not be genetically authentic creatures;
  • In subsequent statements, Neuralink's engineer posted thoughts of creating completely new species of animals.

Have you ever wondered what would happen if some of the most unrealistic movie stories came true? If so, you're not the only one, as Max Hodak, the second most important person after Elon Musk at Neuralink Corporation, has stated that we now have sufficient technology to make Jurassic Park fantasies come to life. In one of the posts on Twitter, the American scientist and entrepreneur expressed the opinion that they would not be dinosaurs that are completely genetically equivalent to their ancestors, but 15 years of breeding combined with engineering would result in the appearance of extremely exotic species.

Even if Hodak is right and current technology would enable us to begin work on the Jurassic Park known from Michael Crichton's book series and popular films, the question about the point of creating them remains open, as it should not be a surprise to anyone that prehistoric reptiles functioned in a completely different environment. There would certainly also be no shortage of moral dilemmas that would arise when recreating these creatures. However, the above thought was not the only one served by the American on this topic, because a moment later he stated that bringing back extinct species is an important issue, but we should also think about creating completely new ones. They would increase the biodiversity of the planet.

We, on the other hand, can only speculate as to what such statements are aimed at and whether they are not simply an attempt to create hype. Neuralink has neither the technological capabilities nor plans for development in the direction outlined by Hodak - it is not even connected with any research project on dinosaur DNA. It is worth reminding that the company is famous for its rather controversial ideas, which is perfectly illustrated by its research aimed at creating an implant that would provide a connection between the brain and a computer. Ultimately, this device is supposed to be a support for people suffering from various neurological problems, including paralysis, although Musk does not hide his excitement about other potential capabilities of such technology, such as opening Tesla cars with our mind or even non-verbal communication between users of Neuralink chip.

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