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News video games 02 August 2021, 19:28

author: Karol Laska

Konami on eFootball - Paid DLCs, Cross-play Rules and Online Mode Changes

Konami answered the most frequently asked questions about eFootball, the upcoming installment of the Pro Evolution Soccer series. Topics discussed included paid DLCs for the game and cross-play features.

Konami quite unexpectedly published on Twitter a thread with the most frequently asked questions about the upcoming installment of the Pro Evolution Soccer series, called eFootball, and immediately provided concise, yet specific answers that certainly clear up some doubts gamers had about the title.

In the second half of July, we learned that the base game would be free of charge. Many fans wondered if this would also apply to the popular career mode called Master League. We immediately answer that no it won't. The mode will be added in the future as a paid DLC; a similar fate will probably await the rest of the single-player modes.

At the very beginning (i.e. early fall) the players will receive something like a demo version. Admittedly, more details are yet to be given, but we know for sure that we will have at our disposal just a few licensed clubs, with which we will be able to compete both with live opponents and AI.

One of Konami's most controversial announcements regarding eFootball was cross-play, meaning the ability for owners of all target hardware platforms, namely PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and... mobile devices, to play on the same servers. It was wondered whether pairing phone users with owners of next-gen consoles in the same match wouldn't make the new PES look worse. Konami assures that such cognitive dissonance will not occur.

The game was designed with 9th-gen consoles in mind and only then did they devs try to optimize it for mobile devices. Visuals changes in the aforementioned matches will be felt only by those using Android or iOS. Versions for new consoles will not lag behind in terms of technology. In addition, what's interesting, Konami will enable us to use detailed opponent search options, through which we will be able to select with users of which platforms we want to play.

The last change worth mentioning is the one within the online mode, which until now we knew under the name MyClub. It's a new way in which we can get not only more players for our team, but also a number of other rewards. We're talking about Match Passes, something similar to the so-called battle passes known from various online games, i.e. a system that rewards regular play. Undoubtedly, it will motivate gamers to stay with the title for a bit more hours.

  1. eFootball - official website
  2. Konami - official homepage

Karol Laska

Karol Laska

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