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News video games 22 March 2021, 14:33

author: Bart Swiatek

Polish PM Lidia Sobieska in Action in New Tekken 7 Trailer

Bandai Namco published the launch trailer for another character that will appear in Tekken 7. It's the Polish Prime Minister Lidia Sobieska.

Bandai Namco released another trailer for Tekken 7. The trailer is over three minutes long and presents the new character who will appear in the game tomorrow in action. We are, of course, talking about the Polish Prime Minister, Lidia Sobieska.

The Prime Minister fights with a rather traditional - yet very spectacular - style of karate and faces, among others, Brian Fury, Dragunov, Paul, Hwoarang, Heihachi Mishima and Jin Kazama. She emerges victorious from all of these clashes, which of course is not a huge surprise considering the fact that the trailer is dedicated to her skills.

It's worth remembering that apart from Lidia Sobieska, the DLC will add a new arena - charming Island Paradise.

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