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Tekken (franchise) Latest news

Tekken 8 Release Date Leaked; Bandai Namco’s Fighting Game Will Be Released Next Year [Update]

Christian Pieniazek, 22 August 2023, 20:55

Thanks to a leak from Microsoft Store, we have most likely learned the release date for Tekken 8, the new fighting game from Bandai Namco. It looks like the game will be released early next year.

'Sit Tight'; Questions About Denuvo Infuriate Tekken 8 Dev

Jacob Blazewicz, 10 August 2023, 13:55

News of Denuvo in Tekken 8 annoyed some players, but the game's developer was even more pissed off, and not just at the comments of these fans.

We Know What Undisclosed Characters Will Appear in Tekken 8

Jan Kopacz, 08 August 2023, 14:22

A screenshot taken during the EVO tournament enabled us to get to know the as yet undisclosed characters that will appear in Tekken 8. In addition, the devs released trailers showing two fighters in action.

Long Gameplay From Highly Anticipated Tekken 8 Shows Online Duels

Christian Pieniazek, 01 August 2023, 13:15

Tekken 8 has lived to see new video footage. The lengthy gameplay focuses on multiplayer clashes in the highly anticipated fighting game from Bandai Namco Entertainment.

Fighting Games are Niche? Not Tekken

Jakub Tarchala, 12 December 2022, 16:41

Tekken 7 is breaking sales records, having knocked out the third and fifth installment of the series. This is an doubtless success, especially in such a niche genre as fighiting games.

Tekken 8 vs. Street Fighter 6 - Who Did it Better at TGA?

Zuzanna Domeradzka, 09 December 2022, 06:44

New trailers for both Street Fighter 6 and Tekken 8 were presented at The Game Awards 2022. Which game won the clash?

Tekken 8 May Debut Earlier Than We Thought

Kamil Kleszyk, 16 November 2022, 16:06

Bandai Namco has presented its latest financial results. On the occasion, the publisher referred to the release of the long-awaited Tekken 8.

Tekken 8 Announced With Spectacular Trailer and Promise of Steam Release

Adrian Werner, 14 September 2022, 11:53

Tekken 8, the next installment in the popular fighting game series, has been announced. The project's reveal was accompanied by a spectacular video.

Iconic Console Brand Returns; Bandai Namco Plays on Nostalgia

Jakub Tarchala, 08 August 2022, 14:01

At the culmination of the three-day EVO 2022 event, Bandai Namco shared a teaser of the new Tekken. Are we going to get a remake of the 1994 game, a reboot of the series, or maybe the 8th installment?

Tekken 7 Sold 7 Million Copies, New Character Available

Karol Laska, 23 March 2021, 20:08

Tekken 7's latest fighter, Polish PM Lidia Sobieska, is already available as paid DLC. Meanwhile, the game's director, Katsuhiro Harada, boasted that the title was bought by 7 million players.

Polish PM Lidia Sobieska in Action in New Tekken 7 Trailer

Bart Swiatek, 22 March 2021, 14:33

Bandai Namco published the launch trailer for another character that will appear in Tekken 7. It's the Polish Prime Minister Lidia Sobieska.

Polish Prime Minister in Tekken 7 is the Karate User Lidia Sobieska

Jacob Blazewicz, 15 March 2021, 18:22

Bandai Namco sent out goodies related to the new DLC for Tekken 7. Thanks to this, we learned the name of the Polish Prime Minister who will soon join the game as a playable character.

Holy Iron Fist Batman - Ciri-lookalike Polish PM Coming to Tekken 7

Frozen, 22 February 2021, 12:52

Bandai Namco posted online a short teaser of the upcoming DLC for Tekken 7, which will add a new female fighter to the game. To everyone's surprise, it will be a Polish female prime minister that shares some features with Ciri.