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News video games 10 December 2020, 20:03

author: Karol Laska

List of Common Cyberpunk 2077 Errors and Possible Solutions

Cyberpunk 2077 has so far been associated with a face-first collision with a ton bugs and glitches. Here are the most common of them, as well as a few solutions that will may you to eliminate some of the problems.

  • Cyberpunk 2077 is a pain when it comes to technical aspect, and the players suffer - crashes and all kinds of bugs are the order of the day;
  • Also PC users have a problem - they have to spend time searching for the optimal combination of visual settings in order for the game to perform well and not look like crap.

There's no denying the fact that CD Projekt Red can be pleased to see that Cyberpunk 2077 was well received by critics and (most) fans. However, the game is by no means perfect, and its advantages are undermined by annoying issues that make it difficult or outright impossible to play. We have already written about some slightly more absurd bugs, as well as reactions to them. Now we will focus on the elementary technical issues that are more often frustrating than funny. As for some of them, proven solutions have already been found, so if you're looking for them, read on (based on Segment Next and Windows Central reports).

Crash, crash, crash, why do you always...?

Cyberpunk 2077 has currently a tendency to crash to desktop at random moments. Some gamers aren't even able to launch the game properly, because it crashes at the very start, regardless of the platform. In some cases it will help to reboot the device and update the GPU drivers. Also, make sure that no other apps are running in the background.

A much bigger problem are crashes during the game because each time it can be caused by a completely different factor. Until individual bugs are fixed by the devs, we advise you to save yourself the trouble by running Cyberpunk in window mode, verifying the integrity of your system files, or contacting the company's technical support directly.

Error 0xC000001D

As soon as you notice the above message, try the solutions we provided earlier. If that didn't help, go one step further and delete the game's configuration files. Still nothing? We don't want to worry you then, but I think it's time to download Cyberpunk 2077 again.

When the optimum requirements became minimum

PC gamers certainly have reasons to complain, now busy fiddling with the visual options of the game to make it run smoothly. Unfortunately, but irregular fps drops, terrain loading before our eyes, or difficult to explain stuttering put human patience to the test. The fault lies in mediocre optimization, but also in incorrectly defined system requirements, because the PCs of some players (including mine, for example) have supposedly the right hardware, but still not enough to achieve a decent balance between quality and performance.

In that case we have to wait for updates from CDPR, although many people achieve more fps by changing some cascade shadow settings - you will find more details about this saving option here. If you have much more powerful hardware at your disposal and the problem of obtaining satisfactory performance is still present, there is one solution that will almost certainly enable you to play in peace - it is to turn off ray-tracing. This is connected with the inability to continue admiring the reflecting neon lights of Night City in very high quality, but sometimes you have to choose.

Downloading the game

Steam users also report a problem with downloading Cyberpunk 2077 files. Sometimes the download speed does not go beyond a staggering 0 b/s and consistently keeps this level until we intervene. Valve is aware of the problem - the company assures that it's a matter of unpacking encrypted data from the pre-load. If in doubt, try to restart Steam as well.

Bugs of various caliber

If you are the kind of player that is easily knocked out of immersion, bugs certainly don't make your life easier. It's quite possible that you'll encounter glitches like disappearing or missing NPCs, weapons floating in the air, characters in t-pose, as well as disappearing weapon stats in the inventory. In such situations, just try to load the last saved game and hope that the bug will not happen again.

Dark screen

Dark background during the game usually causes trouble when the resolution of our screen does not match the option set in the game. At this point, try to run the title in window mode. In that doesn't work, delete all config files and launch Cyberpunk 2077 again.

Strange bug with trees

Tiny trees appear in random places on the screen? We inform: it's not an avant-garde art style adopted by the devs, but a simple bug that you can easily get rid of - just update your GPU drivers.

Opponents visible through walls

Whatever cyberware you wouldn't implant during the game, it's unlikely to give you a way to see your enemies through walls. This problem is said to occur during the mission in Arasaka, and in addition to this, enemies can also treat NPC corpses as living characters. In such cases, only loading a previous save will help.

CD Projekt Red has already introduced a launch patch and eliminated some of the technical issues, but it will take time to fix Cyberpunk a little more thouroughly. So we have to be patient, and in case of an accident - improvise. More answers and solutions can be found in the individual FAQ threads on Steam.

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