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News video games 12 January 2021, 11:37

author: Bart Swiatek

LoL and Destiny Devs Join Forces Against Cheatmakers

Lawyers for two well-known development studios - Bungie and Riot Games - have prepared a joint lawsuit against several creators of cheat software used in titles like Valorant and Destiny 2.


  1. Riot Games and Bungie Software jointly sued the makers of cheat software;
  2. The defendants allegedly sold hacks that helped players compete with others by, for example, displaying health bars on enemies or assisting with aiming;
  3. Creators of the software made tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars from the hack, but the developers value their losses much higher.

Riot Games and Bungie Software - creators of such hits as League of Legends, Valorant, Destiny and Halo - have decided to join forces in the fight against cheaters. Lawyers of both companies jointly sued the people responsible for creating hacks and cheating apps (including Cameron Santos of GatorCheats).

The plaintiffs accuse the defendants of paid distribution of the said software via a website and e-mail, Discord channel and messenger app Telegram. The apps were developed to circumvent anti-cheater systems introduced by Riot Games and Bungie Software in Valorant and Destiny 2. Once installed, the hacks allowed to e.g. enable aiming assistance or display the inventory or health level of the opponent.

Access to the software was priced differently - in some cases it was, for example, $90 per month, and in other cases a one-time payment of $500, after which the player could use the hacks without time limits. The developers could earn tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars, but according to the lawyers of Riot Games and Bungie, the real losses - resulting from spoiling the fun of other users and thus reducing the attractiveness of the games - can be counted in millions of dollars.

In a statement for Polygon, Riot Games' spokesperson assured that the company is strongly committed to fighting cheaters.

"Cheating undermines a game’s competitive integrity and erodes community trust. Riot is wholly committed to upholding these values for its players, so when we become aware of a cheat maker, you bet we’re going to go after them," the announcement stated.

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