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News video games 11 October 2023, 00:36

Lords of the Fallen Launch Trailer and Content Details

The debut of Lords of the Fallen is just around the corner, so its launch trailer has seen the light of day. In addition, the devs shared a handful of numbers about the game.

Source: Hexworks / CI Games

Hexworks and CI Games have released the launch trailer for Lords of the Fallen. This interestingly promising soulslikeis heading for PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S, and will will debut on October 13.

It doesn't end there, as the developers and publisher have also shared an infographic, which presents various tidbits, mainly regarding the content of the game.

Lords of the Fallen in numbers

The post published on X/Twitter shows that:

  1. More than 400 developers worked on Lords of the Fallen; 90 of them are employees of Hexworks and CI Games.
  2. The title was created over four years.
  3. The game will offer 13 character classes, of which 4 remain a secret.
  4. The game will feature 194 types of weapons and shields, 76 spells and 339 pieces of armor.
  5. During the gameplay, 30 bosses will stand in our way.
  6. The story told in Lords of the Fallen can end in one of three ways.

Interestingly, as noted by user Gothicpolar, the developers initially published a different version of this post, in which they also mentioned that Lords of the Fallen will offer more than 40 hours of fun. It is not known whether this information was removed by them because it was incorrect, or whether the devs concluded that they should not reveal it before the release of their work.

  1. Lords of the Fallen - official website

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