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News video games 24 October 2023, 06:02

author: Jacob Blazewicz

Lords of the Fallen Devs Reveal Sales and Announce Major Changes [Update]

One million copies of Lords of the Fallen have already been delivered to players. The game has also received another update, which the developers see as a prelude to future changes.

Source: Hexworks / CI Games.


CI Games has confirmed [in Polish] that Lords of the Fallen is the most expensive game in the company's history. It cost the Polish company PLN 281 million ($67,7 million) to develop and punlish the game.. This figure is made up of dvelopment costs without engine royalties (PLN 178 million or $42,2 million), marketing costs (PLN 81.5 million or $19.3 million) and production costs on physical media (PLN 21.5 million or $5 million). This is a higher figure than analysts were betting on (they assumed PLN 240 million or $57 million).

Original news (October 23)

Despite the sizable problems upon the release, sales of Lords of the Fallen exceeded one million copies. The creators of the soulslike game boasted the result of their creation, which took only 10 days to find so many buyers (via Twitter).

The result of the new Lords of the Fallen does not compare to reviewers, as well as players.

Lords of the Fallen Devs Reveal Sales and Announce Major Changes [Update] - picture #1

Lords of the Fallenis doing decently, but it will not soon - if ever - catch up with From Software's works.Source: Hexworks / CI Games / X/Twitter.

The latter is largely due to the game's technical condition at the premiere, although there was also no shortage of other allegations against the game. Many of them have been addressed in the subsequent patches as well as in a new post dedicated to update 1.1.224 released last night, which introduces a couple of important changes (via Steam).

  1. From now on, after completing the game, there is a second option: instead of going to New Game Plus, you can start the game from the beginning on the default difficulty level. In both cases, you keep all your inventory and progress (except for quests).
  2. The system of "leashing" enemies has been modified. Enemies now give up their pursuit of the player sooner if they move too far from their post.
  3. Further bugs causing forced closing of the game and the appearance of artifacts in the fog have been eliminated.

What's more, on Tuesday Lords of the Fallen will receive another patch. It will introduce further changes to the New Game Plus mode and enemy density, as well as optimization fixes. The latter, according to the developers, has been significantly improved since launch.

Hexworks is also preparing further patches based on player feedback. One of the innovations that the developer is working on is the New Game Plus modifier system, mentioned in the developers' latest broadcast, which will enable the players to adjust the mode's difficulty level in a number of ways.

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