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News video games 07 November 2023, 15:07

Lords of the Fallen Expected to Get Lots of Free Stuff Before End of the Year; Schedule Revealed

Fixing of Lords of the Fallen began immediately after the release and will continue for a long time to come. The developers have published an extensive roadmap showing future changes and new features.

Source: CI Games.

Despite good ratings - their averages on are 75/100, 71/100 and 78/100 for the PC, PS5 and XSX/S versions, respectively - Lords of the Fallen reboot recorded a fairly average launch. It is a very successful soulslike game that has been struggling with technical issues, in particular mediocre optimization.

Studio Hexworks has already released several updates with fixes, but it will still take some time to fix the game completely. Therefore, this Spanish developer and CI Games published an extensive roadmap today, presenting what elements of Lords of the Fallen will be improved by the end of 2023, and which ones will be added as part of enriching the game with new content. The image is available below.

Lords of the Fallen Expected to Get Lots of Free Stuff Before End of the Year; Schedule Revealed - picture #1

Source: CI Games.

The first changes have already been implemented, including the reduction of number of common enemies in each location. Especially after the first death, when we went to Umbral, there were so many of them that sometimes recovering the vitality points - i.e. experience - lost upon death could cause a lot of problems. Now it is easier.

The situation is reversed with bosses, which in most cases proved too easy for players. They are to be strengthened in the near future.

In addition, changes will be made to the New Game Plus mode. It turned out to be a bit too "hardcore" for some people playing the new Lords of the Fallen - mainly due to the fact that after activating it, all the Vestiges deployed by the developers, where you save the game, upgrade your character, etc., disappeared from the world. At that time, these functions are only available in the Sky Rest - that is, our hub - and at the Vestiges we created on our own. In a while this will change - the amount of Vestiges will gradually decrease in NG+1, NG+2, etc.

Players can also expect more events, similar to the Halloween Season of the Bleak. These will introduce new quests, armor sets, weapons, spells, etc. This is supposed to be the developers' way of thanking the community.

It's worth mentioning that the list visible in the graphic will be expanded with more items. Lords of the Fallen, after all, will be further developed and improved in 2024.

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