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New Game From Lords of the Fallen Devs is a Heir [Update]

All indications are that Lords of the Fallen 2 is already being developed. Its code name is Project 3, and CI Games wants to develop the brand heavily.

Source: CI Games.


We have probably learned the title of the sequel to Lords of the Fallen. CI Games has registered a "Death of the Fallen" trademark. It is therefore possible that Project 3 will be released under this title.

Original news [November 29, 2023].

It's not yet been two months since the release of Lords of the Fallen's reboot, and the game's publisher CI Games apparently already has a sequel planned. Such a conclusion can be drawn from the commentary to the financial report [in Polish] of CI Games S.E. for the third quarter of fiscal 2023, i.e. the period from July to September (via

  1. Two games are currently being developed under the company's umbrella. Their code names are Survive and Project 3. The former is created by Underdog Studios, and the latter by the team at Hexworks - authors of Lords of the Fallen. Both games are scheduled to come out for PC, PS5 and XSX/S, with the latter being powered by Unreal Engine 5 (similar to LotF).
  2. From the words of Marek Tyminski, president of CI Games, it appears that Project 3 will be a fantasy action RPG.
  3. Given that Hexworks is expected to use the knowledge and skills gained from Lords of the Fallen in the new project, and that the brand "is one of the main IPs that CI Games wants to develop," Lords of the Fallen 2 seems almost certain.

What's more, CI Games is pleased with sales of the reboot of Lords of the Fallen.

  1. The company estimates that so far about 900,000 copies of the game have ended up in the hands of players, of which roughly half are Deluxe editions.
  2. Most copies were purchased by PS5 owners, and from Steam users who added this title to their wish list, about 10% decided to buy it (interestingly, during the autumn sale on Valve's platform, LofT received a 34% price reduction and couldpurchased for $40).
  3. The company hopes to keep the sales at a good level in the coming years - its goal is to reach $100 million in revenue.
  4. The budget of Lords of the Fallen amounted to PLN 178 million (about $45 million), and the marketing budget was PLN 81.5 million (about $20.6 million).

CI Games S.E.'s current financial situation, however, is not very satisfactory. The company's consolidated revenue in the first nine months of 2023 amounted to PLN 59.1 million (around $15 million), but after deducting the costs of obtaining it, it turns out that it ultimately recorded a loss of PLN 1.7 million (around $400 thousand. This translated into another big drop in CI Games S.E.'s stock price (the first had taken place after the release of Lords of the Fallen). At the critical moment of the day, a company's share cost only around $0.5

New Game From Lords of the Fallen Devs is a Heir [Update] - picture #1
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