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News video games 07 March 2021, 18:33

author: Ness

Internet Users Check Shepard's Kill Count in Mass Effect Trilogy

A group of internet users led by Reddit user TK-576 counted how many enemies fell by Shepard's hand in the first three installments of Mass Effect.


The following text contains spoilers from the Mass Effect series.

Every war requires victims, especially the one fought across the galaxy in the first three installments of Mass Effect. If you ever wondered how many people and aliens fell at the hands of the protagonist of the series, a group of Internet users represented by Reddit user TK-576 answered this question. In total, Commander Shepard has killed 1,781 Reapers, mercenaries and other enemies throughout the trilogy.

The team conducted an experiment to enumerate all of Shepard's direct casualties from all three games. The test was subject to a few rules. Victims who were shot down by Normandy and to those whose deaths Shepard contributed indirectly through persuasion (such as the Illusive Man) were not included in the total count. The players also attempted to defeat all enemies before Shepard's companions did.

The test only covered the basic story missions without any DLCs, plus the four loyalty missions from Mass Effect 2 needed to unlock the finale. The developers avoided unnecessary killing and reached for weapons only when necessary. Therefore, in the third installment, many clashes were avoided by sprinting. For the final ending of the trilogy, the authors chose to destroy the Reapers.

The results of the experiment are as follows. In the first and third installment of Mass Effect the number is the same - a minimum of 472 victims for each installment. In the second installment at least 837 enemies had to fall from our hand. All the kills were documented on the YouTube channel of the people responsible for the test. It is worth noting again that this number is the minimum necessary to complete the game.

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