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press release luckie 29 May 2017, 14:28

Max Payne dev, Remedy, listed on Finnish stock market

Remedy Entertainment, the developer of Max Payne and Quantum Break, has begun executing the plan to strengthen its position on the market by joining the Finnish stock exchange.

Remedy Entertainment, Finnish video game developer known best for Max Payne, Alan Wake, and Quantum Break, is now officially listed on the Finnish stock market. Nasdaq First North Finland has greeted the company on Twitter (as spotted by a Reddit user) and via official press note. You can check how Remedy’s shares are currently doing on the stock exchange’s official website.

Max Payne dev, Remedy, listed on Finnish stock market - picture #1
Nasdaq First North says hello to Remedy Entertainment (source: Twitter).

Remedy Entertainment believes that this move will help it reach a “stronger value position” in the industry, retain IP ownership, and “execute Remedy's growth strategy and cover the company’s development and commercialisation expenses”. CEO Tero Virtala said (as reported by

We're developing our business in line with our strategy towards a multi-project model, which helps us release high-quality games to the global market more often. Our goal is to be one of most renowned game companies in the world.

Remedy Entertainment is currently working on at least two projects. One of these is a story-based single player campaign for their renown free-to-player competitive online shooter CrossFire 2. Another one is the secret game codenamed P7, which is supposed to launch not only on PC and Xbox One (for several years the company has only been developing games for Microsoft’s platforms), but also on PlayStation 4. That one is going to be published by 505 Games (known for PayDay 2), which is investing EUR 7.75 million in P7 and will get 45% of the revenue.

So far we’ve only learned that P7 is a third-person action game set in an original universe, which puts emphasis on cinematic experience, intriguing narrative and is going to feature the most complex mechanics in the studio’s history.