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News video games 26 August 2019, 14:25

author: Julia Dragovic

Maxis, The Sims Devs, are Working on New Live Service Game

Maxis begins working on a new, non-Sims, long-term live service AAA game, which will keep you chained to your computers. And mobile devices. At least that's how (more or less) the creators of a job offer for a new creative director see it.

A new title from Maxis is a rare thing. Details are shrouded in mystery. / Source: The Sims

It's happening.

Maxis is looking for a new creative director for a live service game based on new IP. And it looks like it's not gonna be anything related to Sims. Not much we know so far, but from the job advert noticed by PC Gamer we learn that the job is offered in a studio in Austin, Texas (Sims are being created in California). The main tasks of the new director will be to..:

(...) crafting the vision and leading the execution of a compelling, innovative and immersive experience.

Sounds pretty interesting. Further information suggests platforms - PCs and mobile devices - as well as the budget and development strategy of the game (the future director should have experience in working with AAA and long-term live service games).

Okay then. Let's summarize what all this could mean. Maxis wants to start working on a brand new live service for PC and mobile. The company will not spare any funds for it, is is counting on a large and long-term profit and sales. The game will be in line with the current trend of live service games, which means that instead of subsequent installment we will receive DLC. There will probably also be room for microtransactions - that would make sense. Maxis cares about the users' attachment to the title; they require the new employee to know the mechanisms that shape the players' commitment.

It's not much information at all, but the cat is out of the bag. The next details about this novelty are probably just a matter of time. What does that mean for The Sims? For such a strong franchise, probably nothing. However, it is worth monitoring the developments. Just in case.

Relax, baby, it's gonna be okay!
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