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How to Complete Ritual in Medieval Dynasty The End Is Nigh, Bugs Explained

The End Is Nigh quest in Medieval Dynasty can cause a lot of trouble, both in terms of completing the ritual and bugs. In our guide we explain how to deal with these issues.

Source: Medieval Dynasty, developer: Render Cube

Medieval Dynasty is a simulator of the Middle Ages with survival elements. The gameplay focuses on the exploration of an open world, creating your own village, and in time, turning it into a prosperous city. In addition, we also talk to a large number of NPCs and perform tasks for them. One such quest is The End Is Nigh. In our guide you will learn how to complete the ritual and what rewards you will receive for finishing this mission. We also mention bugs that you may encounter.

Medieval Dynasty – How to complete ritual?

In this quest, one of your tasks will be to collect particular items. These will be:

  1. Stone,
  2. 2 Perch,
  3. 2 Roast Meat,
  4. Bunch of Rye.

Then, you have to go to the place of the ritual. It will be near the tree; you can easily find “ritual spot” thanks to the Inspector mode. Interact with it and choose the right options.

The correct arrangement is to place a stone in the very center by the tree; 2 perch at the top, to the left of the stone; 2 roast meat at the bottom, to the right of the stone; and a bunch of rye on each side of the stone. By doing so, you will complete the ritual. Go to Swir, talk to him and you will receive 4 bag hats as a reward.

Possible bugs when completing The End Is Nigh quest

Unfortunately, some players are encountering various bugs related to this quest. One of the more bothersome ones is the game freezing during the conversation with Swir. Others, however, have a problem with the number of components needed to solve the quest. Players have to bring twice as many items as required, because they can disappear from the inventory.

To solve these bugs, unfortunately, you have to wait until the developers patch the game and fix them. That's why we advise you to save your gameplay before undertaking The End Is Nigh, so that you don't potentially lose all the progression. Moreover, it's a good idea to collect an additional set of required items in case the first one disappears from your inventory. This will prevent you from losing valuable time.

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