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News guides 12 December 2023, 04:20

author: Ewa Ichniowska

Medieval Dynasty - How to Progress Stay Vigilant Quest

Medieval Dynasty has received an update adding the new map, Oxbow. Some players are experiencing problems with the Stay Vigilant quest in this area. Read on to find more.

Source: Medieval Dynasty, developer: Render Cube

Oxbow is a new land added to the historical life simulator Medieval Dynasty in the latest update. With the map come new storyline with unique quests and co-op mode. However, many players have found themselves stumped when just beginning their adventure in Oxbow, as an important mission would not progress. The issue concerns the quest Stay vigilant, in which your task is to keep an eye on the situation in the Oxbow. Here’s what we know so far about how to move the story forward.

Medieval Dynasty – How to Progress Stay Vigilant Quest

The wording of the Stay Vigilant quest is very ambiguous and does not tell you what exactly to do. There are theories about the way to progress, but gamers aren’t completely sure what does the trick. We’ve gathered some tips on things to try to move forward in Stay Vigilant.

  1. Talk to all the village leaders and important NPCs (it will not trigger the next quest but may be one of the prerequsites).
  2. Increase your Dynasty Rep points by helping the community fulfilling the NPC’s requests. The current quest might change when you reach around 1500-2000 reputation.
  3. Wait for some time to pass in-game while doing the above.

Another solution might be to wait in real time for the Medieval Dynasty developers to clarify the requirements of Stay Vigilant or change its prerequisites, as the issue is persistent and affects many players. It is probably not a bug, taking into consideration that many fans who had problems with this quest were able to progress it after some time. The Oxbow update went live recently, so its possible the problem will be fixed soon.

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