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News video games 02 March 2023, 13:10

author: Jacob Blazewicz

Minecraft Bedrock Players Waited Years for this Feature

A Minecraft video has leaked onto the web, showing a novelty that fans have been looking forward to for quite some time.

It seems that fans of Minecraft playing the Bedrock edition will get the long-awaited world editor. At least that's what another leak related to this Toolbox mode indicates, showing an early version of the mode, due to hit the game in some time.

The video was posted on Twitter by Roger Badgerman (@RogerBadgerman). The internet user recently reported also new vegetation that may be coming to Minecraft in the near future (via Reddit), and all of his leaks so far have turned out to be true. Some have even begun to suspect that Badgerman is working at Mojang.

This post isn't the first time we've heard about the "Toolbox mode," also known as "world editor." Previously another Internet user stumbled upon its trail in the game's code, where he also found a graphic related to this novelty.

Minecraft Bedrock Players Waited Years for this Feature - picture #1
Source: @SmokeyStack_ on Twitter.

According to rumors, leaks and speculation that have been circulating for years, "World Editor" is supposed to be a new game mode in which - true to its name - players will be able to easily change the appearance of the world, adding blocks or modifying terrain.

Similar tools have been available for a long time - fans have taken care of that. Only that few of them are intended for the Bedrock Edition. Apparently, Mojang is preparing an official alternative.

Some fans believe that the "Toolbox Mode" would be available only on PCs (i.e., bypassing the Bedrock Edition on consoles) and would even be a standalone game mode. This would be hinted at by, among other things, a graphic from the November leak with a clearly visible cursor.

Nevertheless, for now, this is just speculation and it is possible that the "world editor" will also come to consoles. If it comes out at all, because so far Mojang Studios does not say a word about this novelty.

It is worth mentioning that Mojang has released the third so-called "pre-release" of update 1.19.4. It doesn't change much in the test version: the developers focused on fixing bugs with, among other things, dolphins going to extremes (and improving the colors of potions).

Jacob Blazewicz

Jacob Blazewicz

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