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News video games 08 October 2021, 15:25

author: Jacob Blazewicz

Does Minecraft Work Better? Devs Ask Players for Opinion

Testing of Minecraft version 1.18 continues. With the release of the new snapshot and beta for Bedrock Edition, Mojang is asking players for feedback on the improved optimization.

  1. A new snapshot (21W40a) has been released for Minecraft version 1.18;
  2. Mojang has also released a survey on the game's performance after the latest updates for the test builds of Java and Bedrock.

When Mojang announced splitting the massive Minecraft update into two parts, the need to optimize the game was cited as one of the reasons. Now the developers are asking players to rate it after the changes. A Microsoft Forms survey about the performance of Minecraft after the latest update to the beta version of Bedrock Edition and the release of the snapshot 21W40a for Java Edition was shared by the devs.

NOTES: Playing with snapshot installed may result in you losing your worlds in Minecraft! Therefore, it is recommended to run the session with snapshot from a separate folder or make a backup.

If you still want to test version 21W40a, you have to activate snapshots in the "Installations" section.

The form begins with questions about the used version of Minecraft, platform and operating system (depending on the release you choose), and your hardware configuration or console model. The last items concern our feelings about the performance, including in comparison with the previous update. The developers have also provided space for more specific comments on optimization.

As for snapshot 21w40A itself, it does not introduce new content, but the developers by no means limited themselves to improving the performance and - how else - removing various bugs. The devs have decided to slightly increase the average size of biomes, and their distribution is now closer to what we know from version 1.17. Some of them have also been merged or appear under a different name. In addition, the snapshot finally removed the infamous shallow micro-lakes that have been the bane of players since the introduction of grasslands as biomes, and also increased the frequency of dungeons appearing.

Source: Mojang Studios.

The developers have also changed the distribution of metal ores and gems (vide: graphics above) and the spawning of mobs, including tropical fish, axolotls, goats and zombies. In addition, the AI of some creatures and villagers has been optimized. Speaking of which, NPC villages now appear further apart from each other. A full list of changes and bug fixes can be found here.

In addition to the changes in the test versions, Minecraft players can expect one more attraction: the return of the Minecraft Live broadcast, which will take place on October 16 at 9 PM PT. It is sure to bring with it a lot of information about the future of the brand, although it may translate into a slightly more modest snapshot next week. In addition, the event will include voting for the next mob to be added to Minecraft.

Caves &Cliffs Update: Part II will be released later this year. Unfortunately, still no exact date was provided.

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Jacob Blazewicz

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