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News video games 30 July 2022, 15:33

Modders Combined Doom and Stray

Complaining about the gameplay in the cyberpunk game Stray, but love its feline protagonist? Now you can play as the cat in Doom II. Demons are in for a cute bloodbath.

The unassuming action adventure game Stray is celebrating quite a triumph - especially on Steam, where it is both a bestseller, as well as one of the best rated games of recent months. Is it due to the cat protagonist? Possibly. The feline is so popular that mods are being created to turn it into a dog, or the pop culture icon that is Garfield, and even... into Carl "CJ" Johnson from GTA: San Andreas.

Stray Doom

However, it so happens that the red-haired cat also caught a guest appearance - in Doom II from 1994. This happened thanks to a user edypagaza, who created a modification called Stray Doom. It enables you to kill demonic hordes as a cute kitty equipped with a shooting drone and the iconic Doomguy helmet.

How to install the mod?

The gameplay from the mod, released two days ago is presented in the video above (you can find an alternative one here). In turn, the modification can be downloaded from this page. To work, it requires, of course, an original copy of Doom II (in the .wad format). It is also necessary to download GZDoom source port version 4.7.1 (you can find it here).

The future of the mod

What's interesting, Stray Doom is to be further developed (see description below the video). Among other things, its creator plans to add multiplayer and enable cats to fight shoulder-to-shoulder (paw-to-paw?) with Doomguy.

As a reminder, let me add that Stray is available on PC, PS4 and PS5. The title can also be played as part of PS Plus Extra and Premium services.

Starting your adventure with Stray? Take a look at our guide:

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