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News Files and Mods 04 June 2022, 15:58

author: Adrian Werner

Morrowind Rebirth Version 5.9 Goes Live; Adds New Items and More Bandits

The popular mod Morrowind Rebirth has received version 5.9. It offers a ton of new items and introduces additional bandit groups in most regions.

Version 5.9 of Morrowind Rebirth, probably the most important mod for the classic RPG The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind by Bethesda, hs been released.

  1. Morrowind Rebirth - official mod page
  2. Author's PayPal profile - for those who want to support him financially
  3. Morrowind Rebirth on our FTP

Morrowind Rebirth - what's new in version 5.9

As usual the authors have prepared a lot of novelties and changes.

  1. Many regions of the world gained additional bandit groups.
  2. A ton of interiors received new objects (e.g. carpets), so that they seem less empty.
  3. All player houses have been enriched with additional item lockers.
  4. Many buildings in locations such as Ebonheart, Vivek, Sadrith Mora, Pelagiad gained new rooms and more detail.. For example, the seat of the Great Council in Ebonheart received an additional training section and a vault, which we can loot.
  5. The layout of Balmora has been heavily reworked to make the city more spacious.
  6. Additional weapons and armor were introduced, including a number of magical ones.
  7. There are also new artifacts and spells as well as improved models of many objects.
  8. Traditionally, the new version of the mod also introduces numerous changes in the game balance and a lot of bug fixes, both in the mod itself, as well as existing in the basic version of Morrowind.
Morrowind Rebirth Version 5.9 Goes Live; Adds New Items and More Bandits - picture #1
Located in the city of Ebonheart, the seat of the Great Council has been enriched with additional rooms, including a treasury.

Morrowind Rebirth is aimed at general improvement and expansion of the game. The project offers nicer graphics, introduces a lot of new elements, improves balance and gameplay mechanics and thoroughly refreshes virtually all locations, so that they are more densely filled with objects and characters.

The authors have implemented all these changes very carefully, so that the game retains the specific atmosphere of the original. The end result is excellent and can be described as an unofficial remaster.

To play with the mod, you need not only the base game, but also all the official add-ons. It is also required to have the Morrowind Code Patch, unless you are using OpenMW

The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

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