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News video games 06 December 2021, 15:16

author: Adrian Werner

Need for Speed 2022 May be Modeled on NFS: ProStreet

A blog post from one of producers at Criterion made Need for Speed fans suspect that the next installment of the series will offer a return to the atmosphere of NFS: ProStreet.

  1. Producer hired at Criterion published images with - what appears to be - footage from the new Need for Speed;
  2. Images were quickly removed, so something is up;
  3. The footage is reminiscent of the style of Need for Speed: ProStreet.

Certain elements have appeared online, which may suggest the direction in which the next instalment of the Need for Speed series is going. That's what fans have concluded by examining footage provided by one of Criterion's female producers. It's about Helene Kiji, who works at the team since this September. She tweeted pictures of the goodies she allegedly received when she joined the team. It seems that she showed more than she should have as the posts were quickly removed, but before that players managed to make some copies.

The images show a section of a poster that may come from the next installment of Need for Speed. Full of graffiti, it brings to mind the atmosphere of Need for Speed ProStreet. It is worth mentioning that Helene Kiji previously worked at Gameloft, studio known for the Asphalt series, which is heavily modeled on the NFS brand.

Need for Speed 2022 May be Modeled on NFS: ProStreet - picture #1
Source: Max_Lazy_10.
Need for Speed 2022 May be Modeled on NFS: ProStreet - picture #2
Source: Max_Lazy_10.

New reports may encourage you to dust off Need for Speed: ProStreet. If you want to go back to the PC version, it's worth to do so with some useful mods:

  1. Generic Fix - improves gamepad controls, removes frame rate limit, adds more complete support for high widescreen resolutions, and fixes many bugs.
  2. NFSPS HUD Adapter - adjusts the HUD to any resolution, including those added by mods.
  3. NFSPSHD Reflections - improves reflection effects.
  4. NFSPSExtra Options - enables you to configure graphics and gameplay beyond what the official menu offers.
  5. Windows 10 Fix - a project for people having trouble running the game on new Windows.

It is worth recalling previous rumors about the next Need for Speed. Although the game is being created at Criterion, it is largely the responsibility of people transferred in from Ghost Games, the team that prepared the previous four installments of the series. The game's map is to be inspired by the city of Chicago.

Last year, a gameplay from the early version of the game leaked online. The video seems to suggest more colorful and more stylized look of the new Need for Speed than what was offered by several previous installments.

Finally, let's recall that the game was supposed to be released later this year. However, a large portion of Criterion's resources have been transferred to support the work on Battlefield 2042, which caused a delay in the new Need for Speed.

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