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News video games 13 May 2022, 14:02

author: Miriam Moszczynska

New Minecraft Snapshot Disappoints Again; Fans Worry About Mojang

Snapshot 22w19a is another update in the series of disappointing updates. The Minecraft community is complaining about the lack of new content and is worried about future patches.

Things are not well in Minecraft. Fans of the game are complaining more and more from snapshot to snapshot, and the update released yesterday only added fuel to the fire. Once again, the community was confronted with a lack of new content in Ancient City and beyond.

What does snapshot 22w19a bring new to Minecraft?

Actually, not much. The biggest changes are technical. The devs also improved the system of spawning two mobs. The list presents the novelties is as follows:

  • Wardens and Iron Golems will now appear above permanent blocks.
  • Servers can enable the Chat Preview feature, which displays the chat window above.
  • Changes to the locate and place commands.
  • Points of Interest Tags.

Changes in chat are not what the players are particularly interested in, but if you would like to get to know them in detail, as usual you can do so on the official website of Minecraft, where a detailed description of snapshot 22w19a has been published.

What's with Mojang...?

To say that with Minecraft something is wrong lately is like saying nothing. Snapshot 22w19a is another build that instead of pleasing the players, severely disappoints them.

The community is missing new mobs, an expansion of what Ancient City currently contains, or additional biomes. In yesterday's snapshot we could also once again experience the hated clickbait.

Namely, the title of the update, "A Preview of What Is to Come," raised hopes in the community for something really interesting, and in fact referred only to the chat preview.

"The title is the usual clever play on words, but, something about it just feels excessively 'clickbaity.' Not trying to take sides or justify people getting way too uppity, but I'm unsure how I feel about that," wrote TNKR_TOWN.

You know, I'm starting to wonder if there's something going on at Mojang, because the past few updates have promised some pretty big things only for them to get cancelled, either until the next update, or seemingly indefinitely," wrote 11Slimeade11.

"Okay, I've lost hope for the rest of this update. Since there have only been small snapshots lately, that means there are some releases coming soon. My guess is that there will be no good loot that players can use in cities, no vegetation on Mangrove Swamp and no changes to the Minecraft environment. I am disappointed but not surprised," wrote Rahi5678.

Hope dies last

The cited comments are just a handful of the many that have pointed out the game's inconsistency and basically lack of an idea for development. Many players don't understand why Minecraft has items that were added as components to only one thing.

The situation is similar with the aforementioned Ancient City, which promised to be amazing. The reality, however, turned out to be a bit different, and now the city can be described as forgotten rather than ancient.

However, despite the crisis that the game is evidently going through right now, let's hope that Mojang will raise the spirits of players in the next snapshots, introducing something interesting or anticipated.

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