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News video games 09 November 2021, 14:30

author: Qskan

New World for Free for Anyone who Played Through Steam Family Sharing

It turns out that there is a way to get a free copy of New World. There is one catch - the keys are given to those people who have previously played Amazon's game via the Steam Family Sharing feature.

  1. You may get New World for free on Steam, provided you have previously played the title as part of Steam Family Sharing;
  2. The sharing feature of this game has now been disabled, but the developers will compensate players who lost the ability to share the game.

New World for free? It turns out that it is possible, but there is a catch. Access to the game will be given to people, who previously played Amazon's MMORPG via Steam Family Sharing.

All because of the deactivation of this feature of game sharing for New World. Until recently, the production could be shared with family and friends, but over time this option was abandoned, which has not met with the warmest reception among players. However, now all who lost access to the shared game, received the full version for free.

New World for Free for Anyone who Played Through Steam Family Sharing - picture #1

This move has pleased the community, as you can see from the comments on forums like Reddit:

"I thought it was a scam email at first, but I went on my steam account and says I own the game and can install, I deleted it when they disabled family sharing as I family share with my brother, so I'm a happy guy :)," writes user c0rey3man.

"Got same email. After 140 hours of play (40 of queue) i uninstalled. Now im thinking of installing again," writes user lukaxa

Free copies of the game may be an attempt to reverse the depopulation trend noticeable in New World in recent weeks. Within a month, the player base has dwindled by nearly half a million. Making the game available to everyone who played through Steam Family Share might be a good idea. We'll see how successful it is.

New World

New World

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