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News video games 04 November 2021, 17:10

author: Jacob Blazewicz

War on Spammers and Gold Dupe in New World Continues; Patch 1.0.5 Now Available

Patch 1.0.5 fixes bugs in New World that enabled users to duplicate gold and items, but Amazon Games has also taken aim at spamming merchants and character respec prices.

New World has lived to see another update. Patch number 1.0.5 debuted today and brought a lot of improvements.

Probably the most important changes concern the virtual currency, and more specifically the frequent occurrence of bots vendors and bugs allowing for the duplication of items, including gold. The developers have removed bugs which allowed for the duplication of coins (after disabling trade in territory projects), as well as items in storages and crafting stations. It was also decided to introduce restrictions on trading - from now on, it will only be possible for characters at level 10 and above with at least 72 hours of gameplay on their account. In addition, more direct actions have been taken - accounts reported by the community have been blocked.

The fight against the currency crisis will be supplemented with small improvements in the form of reduced cost of reconfiguring character traits in coins and weapon proficiency in azoth. Fees for using repair kits have also been removed. At the same time, rewards for the losing team in Outpost Raids have been reduced to encourage players to actually compete.

In addition, the creators reexamined the game balance (for example, the ability to wield the same weapon in two hands was blocked) and numerous bugs associated with, among others, spells, interface and loss of home after logging out during maintenance (yes, those affected will be compensated). A full list of changes can be found on the official website.

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