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News Files and Mods 19 March 2023, 08:23

author: Adrian Werner

The Inevitable Has Happened - Harry Potter Comes to Hogwarts Legacy

A modification has been released that enables us to play as Harry Potter in Hogwarts Legacy.

Despite the fact that Hogwarts Legacy does not offer official modding tools, stubborn fans have already managed to develop many interesting modifications for the game. One of the latest does something that was inevitable - thanks to it Harry Potter himself has finally been brought into the game.

The project is called Classic Harry Potter for Hogwarts Legacy and its author is Chris Rubino. It adds Harry to our character's creation screen, replacing the standard male model number 4. You can see how it looks in action by watching the video below

The mod has some limitations. The model was directly adapted from an older game under the same license, and therefore when transferred to Hogwarts Legacy it lacks facial animations, which looks strange during the cutscenes. In addition, not all types of hairstyles fit this model, so in the character creation menu you will have to check which ones are suitable.

If you decide to use this modification, it is worth immediately installing also Nimbus 2000 Deluxe Edition by the same author, which adds to the game the title magical broom known from the film series.

Installation of both mods is simple. Just download them from our FTP, then extract their archives to the main folder with the game

  1. Classic Harry Potter for Hogwarts Legacy on out FTP
  2. Nimbus 2000 Deluxe Edition on out FTP

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