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How to Start the Voyagers Expedition (Echo) in NMS; Tips on Milestones

Damian Gacek, 04 September 2023, 17:17

The update 4.4 Echo to NMS introduced a new Expedition – Voyagers. In this guide we will tell you how to start it and provide some information regarding the most difficult Milestones.

NMS - How to Complete Unwelcome Milestone

Damian Gacek, 04 September 2023, 16:31

The update 4.4 Echo to NMS introduced Voyagers Expedition and new Milestones. If you want to complete Unwelcome, you are in a good place.

How to Get Starfield Artbook and Soundtrack on Steam or Xbox Game Pass

Agnes Adamus, 04 September 2023, 16:00

Have you bought the premium edition of Starfield? If so, you have access to the digital artbook & soundtrack. In this guide you can learn how to install it on Steam and Xbox.

Marine Survival Game Sunkenland Devs Roll Out Ambitous Roadmap

Jan Kopacz, 04 September 2023, 14:56

The developers of the marine survival game Sunkenland have revealed ambitious development roadmap. Among other things, we can expect random map generation, new locations and items, as well as numerous gameplay improvements.

Phil Spencer Helped Bring Baldur's Gate 3 to Xbox - Release Window [Update #2]

Zuzanna Domeradzka, 04 September 2023, 14:42

Xbox Series X/S owners will be able to play Baldur's Gate 3 on their consoles sooner than they might have thought. Tips on porting the game were given to Larian by Phil Spencer himself.

How to Install Mods in Starfield; Bug Explained

Dawid Lubczynski, 04 September 2023, 14:22

If you don't know how to install mods in Starfield or you ran into a bug, you've come to the right place. In our guide, you will learn how to deal with it.

Bethesda Values Modmakers, So It Hired One to Work on Starfield

Hubert Sledziewski, 04 September 2023, 14:22

Bethesda hired the author of popular mods for Skyrim and Fallout 4 to work on Starfield, and she helped with interior design, among other things.

Starfield Players Test Whether Interplanetary Flight is Possible Without Fast Travel

Marcin Przala, 04 September 2023, 13:57

An Australian game writer and streamer, together with her viewers on Twitch, decided to conduct an experiment on traveling by ship in Starfield but skipping the fast travel option. The results turned out to be severely disappointing.

Red Dead Redemption 3 Allegedly in Development; Rockstar's Next Game After GTA 6 (Rumor)

Maciej Gaffke, 04 September 2023, 13:08

Rockstar Games has allegedly already begun development of Red Dead Redemption 3. At least, that's according to a leaker who shared his revelations on social media.

Baldur's Gate 3 Performance on PlayStation 5 - Early Access Footage

Hubert Sledziewski, 04 September 2023, 12:56

How does Baldur's Gate 3 perform on the PS5? Thanks to players who opted for the Deluxe version of the game, we know how the performance and quality modes perform in Larian Studios' latest work.

NMS - Expedition 11 (Voyagers) Rewards Explained

Ewa Ichniowska, 04 September 2023, 12:31

The Expedition 11 in No Man’s Sky offers many rewards for players. Check out our guide to find out what perks you will get for completing Voyagers.

NMS - How to Complete Hunter Killer Milestone

Adam Adamczyk, 04 September 2023, 12:14

In this guide you will learn how to complete the Hunter Killer Milestone in No Man's Sky. This is part of Expedition 11, and we've described what planet to land on and what you need to do.

Starfield on Visual Comparisons; Xbox Series S Version Looks Surprisingly Good

Adrian Werner, 04 September 2023, 12:08

The first visual comparisons of Starfield for various hardware platforms have hit the web. Among them, there is also an edition for Xbox Series S. Warning: mild spoilers ahead.

NMS - How to Complete Corrosive Blood Milestone

Aleksander Kartasinski, 04 September 2023, 12:08

There is a new expedition available in NMS featuring some fresh milestones. If you have problems with completing Corrosive Blood challenge, we might have some tips for you.

Starfield - Obstructed Workbench Bug Fix

Damian Gacek, 04 September 2023, 11:25

If you have encountered an obstructed workbench bug in Starfield, read our article. You will find a fix here.