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News video games 29 November 2022, 13:28

author: Adam Adamczyk

Chosen Few Are Already Playing NFS Unbound; Map is Impressive

Need for Speed Unbound offers a sizable and interesting world. You can already test it in early access. However, players accuse the game of resemblance to Need for Speed: Heat.

Standard Edition of Need for Speed Unbound will debut on December 2, but those who have purchased the Palace Edition can test it beginning with today (also in the EA Play subscription). You can read more about the game's release, early access and preloads here.

Although the announcement of the latest NFS was met with mixed feelings (mainly due to the distinctive visuals), it looks like we are dealing with a solid game, because the feedback from testers, as well as comments under gameplays, are usually positive.

Need For Speed Unbound with interesting map

Chosen Few Are Already Playing NFS Unbound; Map is Impressive - picture #1

Source: own

Chosen Few Are Already Playing NFS Unbound; Map is Impressive - picture #2

Source: own

Need for Speed Unbound attracts attention, among other things, with its specific and, in the opinion of some players, rather bold visual design. The game offers really nice views, and quite impressive is the large map, full of interesting places.. At the beginning of the game, the camera shows a large area of the game from a bird's eye view, and already then you can see that there will be a lot of kilometers to drive.

Looking through the comments under the official post on the game's Twitter profile, you can see that some players, however, accuse the game of being too similar to Need for Speed: Heat.

"It's basically Need for Speed Heat with animated effects and characters...,: wrote Alan

"Although I enjoyed the realistic graphics in Heat, I like the visual take on it," declares YeeterMcYeeterson

"The feeling while driving is very smooth. I don't like the drifting, but it's better than in Heat. The racing is more difficult than in Heat. I also like the characters depicted in the story, "praises Hitman OOJ

There is no shortage of gameplay videos on the web. If you want to see how the gameplay looks like, but are not interested in listening to commentary, watch the video below.

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